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How to Make a Flat Screen TV Work Entertainment Cabinet

If your entertainment cabinet is too small for your new flat screen TV here’s how to make the TV fit. You are going to need to know how to work with a few tools. This type of project is not something that you should take on yourself if you are not good with woodworking tools. The most important power tool needed will be a jig (saber) saw. This method that I am going to explain to you will only work if you have sectional type wall unit cabinetry.

Generally, the TV set goes in the middle of an entrainment unit that has three pieces. In order to make the opening large enough for the new flat screen to fit you will have to cut the dividers back. So, if the new plasma TV’s base is ten inches deep, then just notch out the dividing partition to accommodate the depth of the base.

If the entertainment wall-unit sections are all attached together then you will need to unscrew them (at least two sections) in order to make the cuts. It may be necessary for you to make a trip to a local hardware store or even cabinet shop to get the materials needed to finish off the cabinet area where you made the cuts.

In times past I have used existing adjustable shelves to reconstruct the area where I had made the alterations. This works well in restoring the new area to look like the entertainment cabinets original design.

Remember this, if you make the cuts close enough to the height of the TV not much of the notched out partitions area is going to show.

If at all possible only cut one side (cabinet section) either to the left or the right of the center unit. After you make the cuts you should sand the entertainment unit areas flush and make them look nice. Do the best job that you can to make the new alteration to the flat screen TV area look like the original wall-unit.

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