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Fastening Upper Cabinetry To The Walls-part 3

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Get your screws, level, step ladder and drill ready for fastening the upper cabinets to the wall. Within reaching distance you should have your electric or cordless drill and installation screws within a reasonable reaching distance. You can try

to place the screws into the pre-drilled holes in the wall cabinet (do not let them extend out of the back though) or even place them  on the end of the drill bit. Make sure that your levels are within reaching distance as well. Your step ladder should be in place so you can walk right up it. If you’re short like me, having a step ladder handy is a must.
Tip: You will really have to think about assembling the ladder, level, drill and screws into a workable position when you are ready to fasten the wall cabinet. Especially if your working alone because the last thing you want to deal with is having to put a cabinet down, once you’ve lifted it into place,  to get a tool that is to far away.

Placing the wall cabinet into position
Now lift the upper wall cabinet up into position on top of the props. Keeping a steady hand with pressure, adjust the cabinet perfectly into place using your levels and by knocking the cabinet and by kicking the prop sticks.

Fastening the wall cabinet to the studs
I always prefer using an electric drill for this process but a good chord less will do just fine. Mount the upper cabinetry to the wall.

  • Tip: If your dealing with block walls that do not have drywall on them,  you will have to put the cabinet into place, mark the screw hole position, remove the cabinet and drill the concrete with a hammer drill using the proper sized bit for your Tapcon screws. Review this article about installing cabinets on concrete walls.

Measure the wall and drill the next cabinet for the stud location
Lift the box into position, clamp it to the cabinet that you just installed. Do not fully clamp it until you have it adjusted into perfect position. This happens through a process of tightening and loosening, knocking hammering, pulling and slamming the cabinet into its proper position. Now, Screw it fast in the front area (or, “face”) first, then screw it to the wall.

  • Tip: As you move along from one box to the next, it may be necessary to loosen one that you have already mounted to the wall to get it to line up with the one that you are working on.  I think it’s best to get the faces lined up and screw them fast first. Then attach the box to the wall.

That’s the basics of how to fasten upper cabinets to the wall. This concludes our three part series. If you read all of them, you now have gained enough knowledge to begin installing kitchen cabinets. Once you get the first couple hung, fastening the rest of the cabinetry will be a breeze.

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