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Cabinet Woodworking Plans

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Every craftsman starts with a detailed print of his project to be built. The fine art of cabinet woodworking requires plans that give accurate details. Something I learned early on in my cupboard fabricating carrier is that everything that is on the blueprints must be triple checked. Many say measure twice and cut once. I say study your plans and review all of the dimensions several times before you order materials or turn on any woodworking equipment.

Making mistakes can be very costly. Never get in a hurry. There’s an old saying that goes like this: “haste makes waste.” Stick to the plans and workout all of the details to precision accuracy.¬† If you do this¬† your final product will be beautiful.

Wine Cabinet Woodworking Plan

Making a Wine Cabinet
The beauty of building things from scratch is being able to design your own project. I always start by surfing through the online world for images of whatever it is that I want to build. There are hundreds of woodworking project ideas on the Internet. Of all the various kitchen or bar cabinets woodworkers build, these are by far the most elegant. Some of the finest ones I’ve seen have mirror on the inside of the back.

A true craftsman will mill all of his own materials and fabricate the stemware holders and wine bottle supports from raw wood. When making a hardwood wine storage cabinet, you can purchase prefabricated glass holders and wine bottle supports. This can save you a lot of time. They are always manufactured fairly large in order to allow for them to be cut to the size that is needed. Decorative moldings like crown molding and fluted fillers can be purchase as well.

Building A Stereo Cabinet
The most important part about getting your cabinet woodworking plans right is knowing the specifications of the components that will be housed inside. This is always where every good stereo cabinet project begins. All sound equipment manufactures have suggested standards that should be adhered to. Most of the widths, depths and height suggestions for opening sizes are to allow for proper air flow over the equipment. Without ventilation electronics can get too hot.

Making a Tool Cabinet
Someone might think: “why would I need to have a woodworking plan for building a tool cabinet? After all it’s just a place where a bunch of tools are kept.” There’s not much difference in this type of cupboard when compared to any other. It will have a top, bottom, two sides, shelves and doors. These are the same ingredients that are found in fabricating a china cupboard or gun cabinet.

I always make a list of parts that need to be cut from the drawings that I have made. If I purchased a woodworking plan, it’s possible there will be a list of parts already made for me. The success of every cabinet that is built depends upon cutting and milling parts to the exact dimensions on the plans.

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