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Trying to Find Almond Cabinet Handles at Home Depot

May 12th, 2010 No comments

I had a customer the other day who requested that I put 96mm or 3-3/4 inch almond wire handle/pulls on her cabinet doors. I thought I would be able to find them in stock at Home Depot or a local cabinet supply company.

I was totally mistaken.

There were no almond nylon (plastic) loop pulls on the shelves of the super center.

In fact there was no evidence that a bin had that style and was just empty or sold out.

Read on because we found some really reasonably priced kitchen cabinet hardware handles!

I ended up gong down the street to two different cabinet supply companies and both of them did not have the items in stock. This seemed to send me the message that almond cabinet door handles are fading out of style. read Find Almond Cabinet Handles

Problems With Store Bought Cabinets

March 9th, 2010 No comments

I’ve installed many bathrooms and kitchen cabinet sets that where purchased from home centers. If you are planning on buying cabinetry from Home Depot or Lowes there are a few things you should know about store bought cupboards.
read Problems With Store Bought Cabinets

Hire a Design Consultant for Lowe’s Cabinets Purchase

October 16th, 2009 No comments

Today I had an awesome time acting as a kitchen and bathroom cabinet design consultant at Lowe’s. If you are thinking about buying cupboards from this super center, I would highly recommend that you find someone who knows about cabinet design to go with you. We went to Lowe’s and I must say that it was very difficult finding an attendant to assist us, but because of my cabinetry knowledge, I was able to help my friend decide what cabinets to choose that would work with her bathrooms designs.

Hire a Design Consultant for Lowe’s Cabinets

Home Depot Formica Countertops Review

October 5th, 2009 No comments

The post form style tops that we find at Home Depot, in varying Formica plastic laminate finishes, are good countertops for kitchens, work areas, laundry rooms and bathroom vanities. Because of my experience, I am able to give an honest review about this item. Read Home Depot Formica Countertop Review

Kitchen Installation Problems Lowe’s Cabinets

June 5th, 2009 8 comments

I had the honor of putting in a set of kitchen cabinets that were purchased from a major home service center in Florida. It’s almost comical at times how messed up things get when you try to deal with these building supply companies for your cabinetry needs. After installing for a couple of days more things became evident that were wrong as each kitchen cabinet from Lowe’s was unboxed.
read Kitchen Installation Problems Lowe’s Cabinets