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Homeowner Cabinet Insurance-Deal with quote differences

May 28th, 2009 3 comments

Periodically homeowners have kitchen cabinet damage where they have to rely on their insurance company benefits. Get three quotes and know what can be repaired. Bids from cabinet makers will help you deal with your cheap insurance estimates the adjuster will present. Low costs will be presented by the agent and you will need to be prepared to negotiate your claim. read Homeowner Insurance Quotes Cabinets

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Getting Auto Insurance Coverage- Commercial Cabinet Business

May 24th, 2009 No comments

In order to get good coverage for your auto that you will be using in your cabinet business, understand that insurance companies will not write a commercial policy on a personal vehicle, not for a corporation. If you have a sole proprietorship, read Auto Insurance Coverage Commercial Cabinet Business

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Workman’s Compensation Insurance Cabinet Makers

May 22nd, 2009 No comments

It is a requirement in Fl. that insurance in the form of workman’s compensation be carried by cabinet companies for employees. If the kitchen cupboard workers/makers or installers are registered exempt, then they will have to either be a sub-contractor, having their own corporation (or, LLC), or be an officer on the board of directors of the company that they work for. Other requirements are necessary, keep reading.

Can Cabinet Makers be Exempt From Workers Compensation Insurance?

For a Florida cabinet maker/installer to be exempt from having to carry the workers compensation insurance coverage, proof of being an officer of the corporation must be provided and a local business license submitted. Only three officers of the corporation can be registered exempt from workmen’s compensation coverage. The applicant must own at least 10 percent of the stock of the corporation as evidenced by a stock certificate or in the case of an LLC a notarized statement attesting to the minimum 10 percent ownership. There is a fifty dollar application fee that is due when the application is submitted complete. To read it for yourself go to Key Coverage.  The fee will be due on semi annual basis. You can download the application to be exempt here. Application for Exemption

The only other out that I know of for providing workman’s compensation coverage for employees, without the business carrying the insurance policy, is by paying them through a labor agency. read about Workers Comp Ins. For Cabinet Shop

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Removing Mold from Behind Cabinets-Insurance Claim

May 21st, 2009 No comments

Do you need to get the mold removed that has started to grow behind your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom? You may have good reason to file an Insurance claim.

Did you have a leak possibly from a vent around the range that seeped in behind the cabinetry and caused damage to the drywall? This video will show you how to remove cabinets. Does it really smell musty in the kitchen area? Perhaps there’s just evidence of a leak somewhere on your kitchen ceiling over the cupboards.

read Removing Mold Insurance Claim

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Commercial Insurance Cost for Cabinet Shop

May 21st, 2009 No comments

When you open a manufacturing facility, commercial insurance is required. The terms of my first cabinet shop lease set the requirement at a $100,000 minimum coverage policy amount for liability. I had my lawyer review the lease, he said it was standard verbiage. The annual cost was $600 for a $500,000 blanket protection agreement. Auto, truck and storage trailer coverage was needed as well.

Car Insurance Funny Picture
My provider allowed me to set up a payment plan which required a 30% deposit and the balance was then paid in semi annual installments. Once the agreement was signed, I was sent an excessively large book with all of the claims, accidents, hospitalization coverage and liability information assembled inside. I threw it in a drawer and prayed I’d never need to ever read it.

Prior to opening the Florida based cabinet company; I had factored the amount into a business plan. The quotes I received were from companies that friends had recommended. I eventually choose a company in Sarasota Fl., Russ Jordan Ins.

read Commercial Insurance Cabinet Shop

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