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Lowe’s Formica Countertops Review

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The counter tops we observe at Lowe’s home centers, in different plastic laminate coatings, are high-quality Formica tops for bathroom vanities, kitchens, work areas, laundry rooms and office areas. Because of my hands-on experience, I am capable to offer a trustworthy analysis about this type of counter.

Ever since many years ago when the super home center came on location, these special designed countertop selections, having the backsplashes pre-molded into the tops, have been for sale on the shelves of the Lowe’s super home centers all over the country. As the emergence of the granite decorative finishes began to grow to be increasingly sought-after, so did the stylishness of counter edge styles which were obtainable in the store with a Formica finish.

As the demand for real granite increased, in order for the plastic laminate industry to be able to hold their own, designers developed some pretty incredibly awesome simulations of the real entity. Lowe’s keeps an exceptional color selection which include many patterns of granite design styles on the racks of their warehouses.

The single drawback to using the Formica tops that you obtain from a place like Home Depot or Lowe’s is that the corners should have seams in them. I am referring to when there is a ninety degree corner in the kitchen or bathroom that the tops go around. Since the countertops are manufactured out of particleboard there is continually the likelihood of moisture seeping into the area and causing swelling to occur. Although present are various ways to seal the edge styles of the seams, previous to installing the laminate kitchen counters, water destruction is continuously a potential problem that might occur to the kitchen or bathroom tops.

From a design perspective, the fewer seams that a kitchen or bathroom vanity countertop includes in it, the better it looks. My outlook comes from being able to evaluate many Lowe’s Formica countertop jobs that had post formed laminate counter tops installed instead of custom made plastic laminate tops.

I personally favor having a custom Formica top made with a beveled edging whenever a ninety degree corner exists in the kitchen or bathroom design.

You should not ever attempt to cut the corner angles on the counters. This will only end in disaster. It takes a special saw to perform this operation. A skill saw and saber saw combo will not do the trick sufficiently.

Even though this analysis is favorable towards Lowe’s Formica plastic laminate style countertops, I think it’s imperative to educate you as to something that ought to never be attempted. I know I just mentioned this, but it must be said again. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAW YOUR OWN FORTY FIVE DEGREE ANGLE IN THE CORNER. If the Lowe’s company does not hold the color or length countertop that you need, in no way try to cut the forty five degree slant on the top. This should at all times be done inside the factory. This is the solitary way to contract a professional looking seam when the post formed counter tops have been installed.

For straight sections of kitchen or vanity counters, I would give the Home Depot a try if Lowe’s does not have what you are looking for. You can study the many available selections by stopping by their location or logging on to their site and surfing through their online web pages. If they do not hold the item needed on the floor, you can get exactly what you need by placing a special request. That’s all the ideas I have relating to Lowe’s plastic laminate countertops. One last thing, if you are doing a custom kitchen or bathroom cabinetry set and using tops from the super center, hire an expert to install them.

Another thing I didn’t mention about the tops is that the pre-formed plastic counter designs have loose side-splashes that you will need to purchase. There are also finished end caps that you will need to purchase of the plastic laminate top is not going between two walls. The end caps can be applied using a hot iron or blow-dryer. The preformed counters from Lowe’s will not have three quarters of an inch build-up in the back of the counter either. I would just purchase some 1” x 2” stock to use in these areas. A couple of eight foot pieces should work for what you need.

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  1. December 7th, 2009 at 03:47 | #1

    Thanks for sharing the Lowe’s Formica Countertops Review. The review is simply great stating the pros and cons of the countertops.

  2. Lois B Krause
    May 3rd, 2011 at 13:51 | #2

    I bought countertops at Lowe’s Bend Oregon. They do not have end caps that I must have. I need to know where I can get some. My countertop is midnight black. At this point, blending a color would be fine. Anyplace I could get them would be fine. PLEASE HELP.

    Lois Krause

  3. admin
    May 5th, 2011 at 18:52 | #3

    Hi Lois, I would try this company:Countetop Pro

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