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Cabinet Repair eBook

This free cabinet repair ebook covers a large range of subjects for fixing all types of cupboards. The ebook has the table of contents linked with each instructional.

Cabinet tutorials on the following subjects:

  • How to Fix Crooked Cabinet Door Handles
  • How to Fix Loose Thermofoil Door Edges
  • How to Fix Sagging Drawer Bottoms
  • How to Install Light Rail on Upper Cabinets
  • Removing Cabinets While Leaving the Tops in Place
  • Repair Water Damaged Cabinet Bottom
  • How to Replace a Formica Backsplash
  • How to Fix a Burn on a Formica Counter
  • Lubricating Drawer Slides
  • Altering Existing Cabinets for New Appliances

From the Author

Hello, I’m Jordy Christo.

I started building cabinets in 1982 in the South Florida area. After working for three cabinet shops, over the course of eleven years, I opened the first of three businesses related to the kitchen and bathroom manufacturing industry.

During the process of maintaining one of the cabinet manufacturing companies, I discovered that there was a market for all types of cabinet repair work.

This discovery launched me into a new direction where I began to fix water damaged cupboards, fire damaged kitchens and made alterations to existing cupboards in order to make new appliances fit. I’ve done everything from adjusting cabinet doors to removing entire kitchen cabinet sets while leaving the counter tops in place.

I’ve worked for insurance contractors, computer companies, hospitals and medical laboratories making existing cupboards work with new equipment or just fixing some sort of cabinetry damage.

Within the pages of this eBook and ourĀ  blog, you will find helpful tips on how to do a large variety of cupboard repairs.

  1. david
    September 24th, 2013 at 11:39 | #1

    I have a loose board in the kichen draw every time I open up the silerware draw the board moves how do I fix it?

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