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Remove File Drawer

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Releasing or figuring out how to remove a file drawer is even difficult for professional cabinet makers. We pull, push, lift and then look for a way of getting the cabinet component to come out of the box.

Every manufacture has developed their own release mechanism which makes their patent different from the others.  Basically, what you’re looking for is some type of plastic tab to either push-up or down on. Sometimes it is necessary to lift up on the drawer as you are pushing the plastic release tab in or pulling it out. If there is no tab to be found, you will have to continue moving it around into various positions as you pull on it.

Tip: As a word of caution, be careful if you have file cabinet rails to not use them to pull the drawer out with.

Not long ago, I encountered a full extension slide where the two components were actually held together by screws. The only way to get them apart was to remove a small Phillips head machine screw. Careful examination of the metal parts is the best advice that I can give you.

  • Tip: As difficult as this may sound, you will have to move the plastic tabs on both sides of the drawer, at the same time, as you are pulling it out or pushing it upward.

Releasing a File Drawer Slide

Never force the issue if the slides won’t come apart. Releasing or removing a file drawer slide should be a very smooth task. When the manufacture designed its operation it was perfectly created with ball bearings to function correctly and easily.  If you apply force or too much pressure while trying to remove the drawer, it’s possible that the ball bearings will come out. This seems to happen more often when people are trying to put them back into the cabinet rather than when they can’t get a file drawer out of the cabinet. In either case, be patient while you are trying to discover where the release mechanism is located.

If you are still having trouble releasing  the slide, after trying these suggestions,  take a break and come back to it at a later time. Chances will be good that you will succeed at removing the file drawer once you have regrouped. Remember to guard yourself against frustration when trying to remove the cabinet part. Getting it back in may be as difficult as when you had to remove it. Just maintain your composure in either situation. Unlocking the memebrs will be a simple task once you descover how the file drawer slides were designed.

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