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Cabinet Ideas for Kids Closets

I’m going to solve your teenager’s messy room problems with these cabinet ideas that you can use in kids closets.

The promise is contingent upon your ability to get the kids to keep their rooms clean though. Closet organizers will be a great motivator for them to keep things in order.

Here’s what happened throughout my years of raising three children as a cabinet maker. Every time I would build something new and install it, either in their closets or room, the children got motivated to clean things up.

When they were smaller, I would jump into the mess and help them, but as they progressed in years, occasionally they would surprise me when they rearranged everything and did a super cleaning.

In either case, I really noticed a huge difference in their attitudes whenever we would remodel a closet and add some new cabinetry.

Building Base Cabinets For Children’s Closet

I found it rather helpful to just manufacture shallow base cabinetry about 12” to 16” deep by thirty inches high. I would build these using Melamine board and make the shelves adjustable. I would glue white PVC edging tape on the edges. The tape can be purchased from a local cabinet supply company or cabinetry manufacturing facility.

Designing kids closets with this modular method really works well.

You may be able to purchase a few of these cabinets at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target or Lowes. Oftentimes they come in ready to assemble packaged parts. I had the luxury of manufacturing them in my cabinet shop.

These storage cabinets for the kids closets should not have doors on them.

They work perfectly for storing shoes, board games, music CD cases, purses, toys, books and many other things that accompany the life of a child. By making the closet cabinets for children in several widths, as modular units, they then became versatile in case we ever moved, which we did several times.

It became a regular practice for me to put a 5/8” thick top over several units. If I had 80” of closet wall but only had 60” of cabinetry, I could leave two 10” voids between the cabinets. I would then place an 80” long Melamine top over the arrangement. It works great and gives the modular units a built-in design.

Even though built in cabinets for kids closets are wonderful and leave a much cleaner appearance, we were always on a limited budget. So I always had to consider taking my craftsmanship trophies with me if we were to ever move.

Tall Book Cases In Closets

Finding older book cases and painting them is a lot of fun. It serves as an improvement to the closet when it is used there. These are usually hard to find at garage sales, but if you come across one it’s a real treasure. Together, we would have fun painting them prior to putting the new closet storage shelf in the room.

There are endless possibilities for cabinet arrangements when you’re designing kids closets. Manufactures that specialize in creating custom designs can really make things look super organized. These types of cabinetry arrangements oftentimes are for the wealthy to enjoy. However, this does depend upon the size of your kids closets.

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