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Removing Mold from Behind Cabinets-Insurance Claim

Do you need to get the mold removed that has started to grow behind your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom? You may have good reason to file an Insurance claim.

Did you have a leak possibly from a vent around the range that seeped in behind the cabinetry and caused damage to the drywall? This video will show you how to remove cabinets. Does it really smell musty in the kitchen area? Perhaps there’s just evidence of a leak somewhere on your kitchen ceiling over the cupboards.

If there’s no indication that the cabinets may have soaked any water up from the leak, they may be salvageable. Removing the cabinets to inspect for mold is going to be the first part of the removal process.

1)    Removing the sink, range hood, counters and cabinets may be necessary.
2)    Depending upon the extent of the damage behind, much or all of the drywall may get replaced. Machines will be brought in to help dry things out and the kitchen or vanity area will be quarantined. If the cabinets have not been affected on the backside they can be reinstalled. They should be sprayed with mold killer and left to air out until completely dry, if there is any evidence that they may be in danger of forming mold.

Construction Insurance Contractors for Mold Removal

Obviously, the first place to start is with your home owner’s insurance policy. Getting your agent involved quickly is the best advice I can give you.

Well on second thought, I’d consider hiring an experienced construction contractor, who specializes in dealing with insurance companies and claims first. Then, contact your agent to file a claim.

A good contractor will know how to get the most money out of the claim. Contractors will bid the job in relation to restoring the kitchen back to 100% perfection. Once they give you a bid and you’re agreeable to the price, whatever they can squeeze out of the insurance adjusters over and above the bid the contractor gets to keep.

If a construction insurance contractor can convince your policy provider that the entire kitchen needs to be replaced and then they can actually do the repairs for half the cost, they pocket the additional 50%.  Well, something like that-just get a contractor on the job immediately who can fight for your best interest.

If there’s extensive damage, removing or killing all of the mold growth may take a while. Take the first step and hire a contractor to help with the removal. Insurance companies will have to bend when a professional flood damage expert gets involved in the process.

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