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Fast Drying Miter Joint Bonding Glue

Wood workers, there is a strong glue that is fast drying which comes in two parts for use with miters. A couple of drops will bond miter joints in place and eliminate the need for staples. It’s called 2p-10 and it comes in a two part system, the thick clear adhesive and a spray on activator. In literally seconds the product will hold two pieces of wood together, making assembling small molding strips of wood exceptionally easy.

How good is 2p-10 super glue for woodwork?

This glue can be used on more projects than just aligning and holding miter joints in place. It dries quickly and when it is used in combination with yellow glue the results are excellent. It only takes small drops to hold medium size pieces of wood together.

How fast does the glue dry when bonding two pieces of wood together?

Within 30 seconds the glue is dry oftentimes even quicker than that. Once the activator hits the material you must move quickly and accurately.

The quick bonding adhesive was originally introduced through Fast Cap , a company that provides innovative products for professional woodworkers and hobbyists.

Pros of 2p-10
The obvious reason that many professionals use this adhesive for bonding hardwoods together is because it makes attaching small pieces of wood together a breeze. It is a very versatile product that can be used to hold many different types of materials together other than just wood.

Cons of 2p-10 clear adhesive
Two set backs of this strong holding miter glue that so dries fast is its shelf life. The glue tends to harden in the tube after a couple of months. So much so that it cannot be used.

Another draw back that the wood glue has is that if it gets on the finished surface of the wood it will not accept stain.

DO NOT get this strong bonding glue on your fingers. It is as strong as super glue.

How do you keep the adhesive from hardening in the tube?
This can be done by storing the product in the refrigerator when it is not being used. This prolongs the life of the product tremendously.

This fast drying woodworking glue will make your small miter joint projects easy to handle. Even larger hardwood miter joints can be temporarily held in place with Fast Caps 2p-10 adhesive. It yields excellent results when it is used in combination with yellow glue for permanently bonding decorative moldings, crown molding seams and even small pieces of trim mold on jewelry boxes.

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