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What Size Delivery Trailer-Cabinet Shop

14’ x 7’ Tandem Axle
I have used a couple of different sized trailers for delivering my cabinet shops components. For the first eight years of being in business, the delivery of all of my jobs was done with a fourteen foot enclosed tandem axle trailer that had electric breaks. I pulled the beast with a 1973 Ford F-150 that ran on propane fuel. This one had two swing doors in the rear and one on the side, the interior was carpeted.

6’ x 12’ Single Axle
The second cabinet delivery trailer was a 12’ x 6’ one from home Depot. It had a swing door on the side and a drop-down door in the rear. I never put carpet in this one and it worked just fine. In either case, with or without carpet, you must always keep the floor free from having staples or screws on it. It did not have electric brakes.

  • Tip: You must not purchase a trailer that is less than twelve feet long because Formica/plastic laminate sizes come in twelve foot lengths. In order to be able to fabricate high quality laminate counters, you must be able to fit a 12’ long countertop in th trailer.

Installing a Tow Package or Reese Hitch

You’re going to need a hitch that is extended beyond the bumper of your vehicle. It is not recommened to pull large amounts of weight using the hitch hole on a pick-up truck’s bumper. It is necessary to install a Reese Hitch tow package to attach the ball to.

Recommended Trailer Size for Cabinet Deliveries

Of the two that I have used, I would recommend that if you can purchase a fourteen foot trailer with electric breaks, you will be able to handle all of your small cabinetry shop needs for delivering cabinets and countertops.

What trailer door works better, drop down or swinging, for delivering kitchen cabinets?

Loading and making deliveries with the drop-down style door in the back was much more efficient than the back swing door. You can easily use a two wheel cart to load and unload large and small cabinets.

  • Tip: Make sure that the rear door entry is plenty high enough. The 6’ x12’ trailer I used had a doorway that was only about 5’3” in height. That steel framework will put a serious lump on your head when you forget it is there and walk right into it.

You can use a sixteen foot trailer for cabinet deliveries but it is not necessary to have a storage unit of that size. The fourteen foot size will handle most average sized kitchens. If you get a very large job that you have to supply cabinets for you can always break down the delivery into two or three sections.

Ultimately,  the size trailer that you decide to get will have fit your needs and budget. My recommended delivery cabinet shop trailer was just a suggestion based upon my needs and sixteen years worth of experience in using these different sized trailers to deliver cabinets. Make sure to get electric brakes and a drop-down door no matter which one you decide to make deliveries with,  if your budget allows.

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