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Can Drywall Screws be Used for Installing Cabinets?

Although it’s not recommended, drywall screws will work for installing cabinets. You just have to make sure that you pre-drill a pilot hole in the cabinet part that you are attaching to either the wall or another cabinet. If you don’t create a pilot hole, there is a good possibility that when the screw is sinking it can snap off. These screws do not have a high sheer strength.

If you decide to mount cabinetry to the walls using them, it’s suggested that you should use a drill that has a clutch system so that the torque can be controlled. Only variable speed electric drills should be used for installing cabinets with drywall screws.

Can Kitchen Base Cabinets be Installed in a Bathroom?

It is not normal procedure to install an actual kitchen base cabinet in the bathroom. Kitchen lower cabinetries are twenty four inches deep. A standard vanity depth countertop is only twenty two inches deep. There are special height vanities which are designed to be kitchen cabinet height, which is thirty four and a half inches off of the floor. I suppose that you could use a kitchen base in the bathroom if you had a custom counter top made to fit the unit. It might look weird with a standard sized vanity sink though. They are generally 18” in diameter when using a round sink. Only you can decide if an arrangement like this would be acceptable to your design tastes.

Can Tile be Installed on Top of Formica Countertops?

Yes, tile can be installed on Formica or plastic laminate countertops. It is really important to have the proper amount of support underneath the top where it meets the cabinetry. Use ¾” thick build-up pieces to ensure that there will not be any chance of the particle board underneath the laminate eventually warping and causing the tiles to let loose or crack. It is also very important to make sure that the Formica is glued to the sup top very well. Ideally, a mica top should be removed from the kitchen or bathroom and replaced with a brand new plywood sub-counter for the tile to be adhered to.

In conclusion, if you stop by a local cabinetry supply company, you can purchase the correct type of screws for installing kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Only you can decide if a kitchen base cabinet would be acceptable in a bathroom. If you are adhering tile to Formica and the plastic laminate is loose on the edges, re-glue the mica using contact adhesive. If the laminate is loose on the actual deck of the Formica top, I’d highly recommended removing it and replacing the entire countertop.

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