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Stay-Put Contact Adhesive-Works great with cabinet plastic laminate.

For over fifteen years now I have worked with the Stay-Put spray product. The adhesive is non-flammable contact cement that I have used on cabinets and counters for adhering plastic laminate. The following is a review of this aerosil can spray glue. There are a few pros and cons but my openion is that this is a superior product to many alternatives that are on the market.

Through the years, I have tried various aerosol spray glues that did not have good bonding strength. This product dries fast and has incredible adhesion when it is applied within the recommended climatic conditions.

The biggest draw back to using the Stay Put spray glue is that it does not hold a bond well where there are heat sources. Areas around stoves, over toaster ovens, coffeepots and even places where direct sunlight hits counters or cabinets are not recommended as places to use this spray adhesive. Countertops in kitchens do not work well with this glue but many bathroom tops will.

I had a kitchen countertop that I resurfaced once. After I finished the job, the customers spilled a very large amount of hot water on the surface. The heat caused huge areas of the countertop adhesive to let loose. It was beyond repair. I had to strip the top and re-laminate it with flammable contact glue. This was my first learning experience in relation to using to recover Formica countertops.

  • Tip: Please learn from my wisdom, DO NOT use this product on kitchen tops.

The price of the product is very high in the United States compared to other aerosol can contact cements, but it is worth the investment because it is superior to other brands on the market.

Because the adhesive is available in a clear liquid, it is ideal for doing resurface work in customer’s homes. When there is an accidental overspray most of the time it’s not noticeable.

The Sta-Put glue gets four out of five stars from me. It is excellent contact glue even though it has limited applications. Like I said, it works great on countertops and cabinets that get Formica plastic laminate on them.

Just avoid situations where the glue bond will be exposed to intense heat. In the places where it will work effectively, the high cost of the adhesive, in comparison to other spray contact cements, is well worth paying the additional expense.

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    Where do I buy this stay put contact spray product and what is the price?

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