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Kraftmade Cabinets Review-Easy to install and excellent quality

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I recently had the opportunity to put in two kitchens, three bathrooms and an office work station that were Kraft made cabinets. As a professional kitchen and bath installer, I found the companies cabinets easy to work with and also the cupboards were of excellent quality. This particular set of had painted raised panel doors that were white with vertical grooves were beautiful once anchored to the walls.

Here are a few of the things that I really liked about this brand of cabinetry.

Kraftmade Cabinet Review

1) All of the drawers were solid hardwood with plywood bottoms. The ends off the drawers had perfectly fitted dove tail joints and the exterior finish on the parts was a semi gloss clear coat. There was no indication that they paint finishing system they use was set to withhold liquid. The drawers seemed to have heavy durable furniture like fine finish.

2) All of the cabinet parts were 100% real wood. The sides, top, bottoms and backs were all plywood and the face-frames were solid hardwood maple.

3) The drawers slide mechanisms were of the heavy-duty, under -mount full extension type. The release functions were easy to latch onto in order to remove the drawers. To reinstall a drawer in a Kraftmade cabinet, you simply place the back of the drawer on-top of the slides and push it into the cabinet.

4) All of the hinges had three way adjustments except the cross corner upper cabinet, it only could be adjusted side to side and up and down. There was no “in and out “ adjustment.

The style of hinges on the cabinets varied depending upon the various designs of the boxes. They were basically fitted to work in different situations.

5) Once I installed the cabinets plum, level and square, there was very little need of any off the doors or drawers being adjusted. This impressed me very much and sent me the message that Kraftmade delivers cabinets that were manufactured with excellent quality control measures in place.

6) The special cr moldings were basically flawless. The painted finish was extra smooth and there were very few minor appearances of slight depressions. This demonstrated to me once again that the quality control department does an excellent job inspecting the Kraftmade cupboards before they get placed in the protective boxes.

These kitchens, bathroom vanity and office cabinet installations went really well from a professional’s point of view. As a custom cabinet maker, I thought I’d never say what I am about to say: “Kraftmade Cabinets are excellent”. In review, there is really nothing that would hinder me from recommending to anyone to use these cabinets in their home or office. If you were wondering if the cabinets are any good, my vote is yes they are top quality cupboards. Once you install them correctly, the Kraftmade cabinet’s excellent craftsmanship leaves a stunning impression.

Product review of pre-fab, manufactured cabinets made in mass quantities and shipped acroos the country.

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