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Medical Business Have Money-Doctors and Hospitals Need Cabinets

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Some of the best money that you may ever make in the cabinet manufacturing industry can come from working for doctors or hospitals. Our observation has been that as successful medical companies and businesses grow, they have great needs for altering various areas of hospitals or physicians offices, cabinets being on the priority list. The more organized they can be the better.
If you can get your foot in the door and prove that you are a reliable business , then money is not much of an object in the medical field.


In the medical field hospitals are constantly growing and changing the equipment in various departments to keep up with the most recent technology released. This can provide an abundance of money for a good cabinet making company that is versatile. Working for hospitals is demanding in many different ways though.

Demands of Cabinet Making for Hospitals

1) Emergency Room-Many areas of a hospital will be very busy at certain times of the day. What this means for the cabinet shop who desires to do business with them is there has to be flexibility with hours.

As an example:
In the emergency room in our hometown, the best time to do cabinet work was during the week at 4Am in the morning. They hospital was willing to pay generous amounts of money to get the work completed in a quick manner in this department.

2) Operating Room Areas-The work in this department always has to be scheduled around surgeries. Scheduling the cabinet work to be done on Saturdays seemed to work best for this part of the medical center.

3) Cleanliness-This is a hospital, there must not be excessive amounts of dust in any area that you’re working in.

Doctors Offices

1) Alterations and repairs seem to be a huge money maker with doctor’s offices. You must identify what doctors are the busiest in town with growing patient lists. As their list grows, so does your list of things to manufacture, repair and alter in the physician’s office.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices are great sources of income and cabinet shop owners should target these medical businesses. They certainly have plenty off money and also have growing needs for good cabinet making companies to help them expand as they grow

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