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Cutting Building Assembling Particle Board Cabinets

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The process of cutting particle board for cabinets is generally done with a table saw. There’s a Youtube video where a skill saw is used. Assembling the cut materials is done with a staple gun in combination with screws. Melamine particleboard is the choice material for building kitchen, bathroom-vanity or office cabinetry in our area of Florida.

Cutting Cabinets Out of Flake-Board

Clean cutting melamine board on both sides requires the application of special cutting techniques. Please review our article that gives suggestions on how to accomplish the task.

We suggest that you use a ten inch saw blade that has sixty teeth on it when you are cutting particle board. Our choice style is called a triple chip blade. It is possible to use an alternate bevel blade as well. If a five horse power saw table motor is available, this will yield the best results for cutting cabinet parts.

Building (or “assembling) the cabinetry

Most particleboard cabinets are fabricated using 5/8” thick melamine board. We use high powered pneumatic staple guns that are able to sink an 1-1/8” to 1-1/4” long staple into both parts that are being fastened together.

Once they have been secured with the staple gun, we pre-drill an eight of an inch hole using a countersink-drill bit combination. We then drive the 1-1/4” long screws with an electric drill into the two pieces of material that we are connecting together.

Melamine Glue

Should you use glue when you are fastening the melamine particle-boards together? We use a product called Roo Glue. It is expensive but worth the investment. Some cabinet companies just use caulk.

You cannot use yellow wood glue with Melamine boards.

This particle-board material is good for assembling cabinets and is used by many cabinet manufactures for building kitchens, bathroom cabinetry and laundry room cupboards. The main thing about building with melamine is that you must pre-drill the holes and counter sink them when you are screwing the pieces together.

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