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Older Cabinets Require Creative Remodeling Skills

September 2nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you’re dealing with an older kitchen, your cabinet guy is going to need to be creative during the remodeling process. Because the materials are limited that cabinets were fabricated from many years ago, the craftsman you hire will need to possess many skills. Since “They don’t make them like they used too,” your cupboard remodeling expert is going to need to have a high level of artistry skills as well.

Any time that something has to be redeemed back to its original state, the work involved to restore the old back to the new is cumbersome. The same holds true with kitchens, bathroom vanities, and all types of antique cabinetry.

Natural wood colors change through the years and so to the colorations of the original top coats that were applied to them. Lacquer clear coats and painted finishes have a tendency to yellow through the years. Restoring them back to the the original look may be near to impossible. But the new cabinetry parts can be finished to match the old.

If you’re dealing with old mica. You may need to find discontinued plastic laminate. If it’s not available, you can have an artist replicate the original pattern. Chances are that the replication will not be as durable as a real piece of Formcia but in any case a top notch artist can get the job accomplished.

Don’t hire just anyone to do your kitchen cabinet remodel if you’re restoring an older kitchen or bathroom vanity back to the way it was when it was new. Finding the best craftsman in your area to do the job may take a while and cost some serious bucks, but in the end it will be worth the investment of time and money. Older cabinets can only be returned to the original condition if the workman is creative and possess accomplished cabinetry skills.

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