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Fabricating a Bedroom Set-Heights, widths, depths and ideas

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Fabricating custom designed bedroom furniture sets can be challenging and rewarding. End-table cabinets, night-stands, armories, desks, drawer pedestals for under the bed and dressers all can be tailored to fit perfectly in the space of your master or guest suit.

Bed Frames, Box-Springs or Pedestal Sizes

Obviously you will have to determine what size bed is going to fit in the space your working with first. I suggest that you design every piece of furniture that you will be building for the bedroom first.

Finished bed height-This can be custom made but a good standard to work from is twenty four inches from the floor to the top of the bed’s mattress.

Length and Width-The size of the mattress is going to dictate how large a bed frame should be built. A call to your local mattress supply company will help you find what size mattresses come in for full, single, queen or kings sized beds. It would be a good idea to purchase or know what mattress you’re going to use prior to building a bedroom set. Heights of mattresses vary.

One of the finest designs for beds I have ever completed was when I design a drawer stack for the pedestal underneath. There was no box spring in the plans. I made the riser with four drawers and a flat platform for the mattress to set in. The platform had a one inch high lip all around to help keep the bed from sliding out of position, on its smooth Formica surface.

The size of the mattress is going to determine how large your custom bedroom cabinet drawers or pedestal parts will be.

End Tables or Night-Stands

Twenty three inches high by twenty two inches wide by eighteen inches deep is a good standard sized night stand. Here again because you are fabricating (or, “making”) your bedroom set, the end tables with drawers can be what ever size you desire.

  • Tip: All drawer cabinets that are free standing must be deep enough so they do not tip forward when the top drawer is full of things and extended entirely in the out position.


Heights start at thirty inches.
Depths begin at twenty inches.
Widths are determined by the space available and the final design.
The smallest knee space should be two feet wide.

Dresser Drawers Cabinet

A good place to start the cabinet’s design is with a thirty inch height and twenty inch depth. Here again there is really no limitation because you are making the bedroom furniture to fit your room and even your body size. People who are very tall tend to like things higher than the standard sized bedroom furniture. Shorter people like cabinets to be a bit shorter.

Like every cabinet project that gets completed, you must devise a workable plan first. Never try to just build things as you go. Put your pen to the paper and come up with a good design to work from when fabricating your own bedroom cabinetry furniture. By determining first what the heights, widths and depths of all of the components will be, the final product will be better suited to the bedroom’s space.

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