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Why Won’t My Cabinet Door Close

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If you are having difficulty getting cabinet door to shut, there are several reasons why it won’t close. Depending upon the hinges that you have it may be a simple fix. Before you begin to adjust cabinet doors examine the situation carefully. Generally, I start by checking to see if there is anything obstructing the door. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize that the plates are too deep for the bottom of the cabinet and that’s why the cupboard door won’t stay shut.

Reasons why the cupboard door will not close all the way:

1) There is something in the way. This could be plates, glasses or even a broken off piece of Formica from a door edge.

2) You may have bad European hinges. This was a common occurrence with a major brand hinge manufacture several years ago. If you have clicking cabinet hinges, then they should be completely replaced.

3) Many of the older homes built in the nineteen sixties and early seventies have magnetic catches installed to keep the doors shut. Check to see if they are out of adjustment or possibly a previous homeowner removed them altogether.

4) Externally mounted hinges are usually decorative in nature. Behind the casing of the hinge there are plastic pieces that wear out and break. When this happens, this is the reason that a cabinet door will not close. The pieces get bound up inside and will not allow the cabinet door to shut all the way.

5) Making European hinge adjustments is a normal maintenance procedure that needs to be kept up with. Oftentimes when a hinge gets out of adjustment the doors will not close all the way.

6) Perhaps you have a water damaged cabinet. This could be the cause of a door not shutting properly in the kitchen of bathroom.

7) Older cabinets sometimes have doors that were manufactured too big. Over the course of time things get just a little out and they tend to scrap on one another. Just loosen a couple of screws and try to reposition the cabinet doors.

Obviously, a cabinet door won’t close for various reasons. To fix cabinets that are not working properly is usually just a process of observation. Examine the area closely and eventually you will discover what the problem is with the doors that will not close.

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