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Will Different Brand European Hinge Work on Cabinet Doors?

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The chances are very good that a different brand European hinge will work with the existing kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors. The question really is will the same hinge plate work with a different style hinge?

If the door is drilled for the cup-style-hinge, then another manufacture’s product will work. It is important to determine if you are using a full-overlay style. There are several different applications that cabinetry fabricators use. Your local hardware cupboard supply can help you choose the right replacement hardware.

Avoid trying to find a match at a super home center like Home Depot or Lowe’s. This will only lead to frustration.

You should be able to take your existing hinges to your local cabinet hardware supply company and get a suitable match that will work with your cupboard doors. Even though you may have to purchase a different hinge and plate style, getting them from a cabinet supply company will help you match the European hinge very closely to the original. Before you go to the store to find a different setup, take a hinge and plate completely off of the cabinetry.

European hinge plates are not universal and will need to be replaced with the hinges.

There are two different sized screws that hold the plates onto the cabinet sides. If you have adjustable shelves and the plate is in direct line with them, the chances are good that you may have seven millimeter screws holding the hardware onto the cabinet side.

There is also a number six size screw that is used for attaching hinge plates to the cupboards. Because there are various screw sizes, you must remove one of each from the cabinetry so you know exactly what you need from the store.

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