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ehow-Cabinet Advice for Kitchens or Bathrooms

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I am a little confused at where the Internet is heading. Quality content doesn’t always come from the pretty websites that get top rankings with Google, Yahoo or Bing. Some sites where I have noticed that the cabinet advice is not really very accurate and extremely incomplete are eHow and Yahoo answers.

One of the reasons tat we are starting to see huge websites dominating the search results is because they are generating tons of content. I recently watched a video at the Web Pro News website where they revealed that eHow is publishing over five thousands articles per day. Many of them are about how to build cabinets and do repairs to kitchens or bathrooms.

Why is eHow publishing five thousand articles per day? It’s all about the all mighty dollar. So how does this work in relation to the cabinet manufacturing advice not being quality information from the website?

First off the publishers of the articles are making money from the articles that they write. It goes without saying that the more articles someone can pump out in a day the greater thee amount of money they will make.

Quality is always lost when the focus is upon quantity and making money.

Reason number two that the eHow cabinet making information falls short of accurate is due to the length of the content per page. How in the world can anyone explain how to build a set of kitchen cabinets on one page? It cannot be done. The article that I read on the eHow site said something like; “measure the kitchen, go to the lumber store, build the cabinets and install them.” Ha, ha, ha, is that hilarious or what?

Poorly written articles include but are not limited to the following on the eHow website.

How to:

Fix a cabinet drawer
Recover kitchen cabinets
Paint bathroom cabinets
Build a kitchen cabinet set
Install cabinetry
Repair cabinet door
Do Formica work

Here at the “Fix My Cabinet” website, we offer quality information that is born from twenty eight years of doing hands on cabinetry sales, fabrication and installation. Our articles are very seldom less than five hundred words and will give you step by step how to information when it comes to fabricating, or installing cabinets.

I am very disappointed in most of the cabinetry related articles that I have seen on the eHow website. If you are looking for professional; information about any subject, I would certainly advise that you look for an authority website that specializes in providing information about the topic you desire to learn about. I would much rather get information from a relabel sources such as Wikipedia about kitchen cabinets than eHow.

It’s common sense, if you want to learn about Formica Kitchen Cabinets, then you will need to read materials written by a plastic laminate specialist, not just anyone can help you.

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