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Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Hinges Review

I recently installed a kitchen that had Blum soft close hinges on the cabinets. I found the new feature to be rather easy to install. It is a secondary piece that pushes onto the hinge which makes it close slower.

If you have the same style hinge that is in the photo, you can order the additional accessory to work with your existing kitchen door hardware.

The snap on soft close piece for the standard concealed Blum European hinge is referred to as the Blumotion for the “straight arm” clip hinges.

My personal review of the operation of this feature is a good one as far as customer use is concerned. I have nothing negative to say about it. From a cabinet installers view point, they did add a level of additional labor to adjusting the cabinet doors.

Having done a little research I discovered that the individual piece that snaps onto the hinge costs over four dollars. That’s a pretty high price for slow close cabinet hardware.

Obviously, this is a luxurious feature because a standard kitchen can have around twenty five doors to attach them to. This means that the total amount of Blum slow close attachments needed would be twenty five because you only put one on per door. This would be an additional cost of one hundred twenty five dollars for an average size kitchen.

I read a review on Amazon where someone had mentioned that they thought the door would have closed even softer if two of the Blumotion parts were installed per door. I personally don’t think two are necessary per cabinet door.

Here’s the thing though, if you order them from your manufacturer they will add a significant up-charge when doing the kitchen cabinet estimating because these apparatuses add a certain amount of additional labor to the job.

You can install them yourself if you want to save a small amount of money in labor costs. They are a little difficult at first to figure out, but once you get the first one to slip into place the rest will go very quickly.

Here’s what Blum says:
“BLUMOTION is now displaying a new side of itself – the hinge side. BLUMOTION can now be quickly integrated into cabinets with doors.
It will work for almost any application and does not require any change to the hinge assembly.

BLUMOTION redefines the term “quality of motion”. The system is quick and easy to install and once installed, creates a quiet and effortless closing motion.”

Blum is a giant in the cabinet industry. The company manufactures quality products that come with lifetime guarantees. We have used their products for over twenty years and have had very little to complain about.

The only difficulty we ever had were with clicking cabinet door hinges. The company has since fixed the manufactures defect. Since they have a lifetime warranty on their products we were able to have the hinges exchanged for new ones totally free. That problem was years ago though and has never surfaced again.

You can order these soft close hinge additions online through many different slow close kitchen hardware supply companies. If you live in a large city your chances are good that a local cabinet hardware supplier will carry the parts that you need. In addition to the hinge parts you will also find slow close drawer slide products as well.

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