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Cheap Cabinet Renovations

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There are a few cheap things that can be done to your kitchen or bathroom to improve the look of things. Budget cabinet remodeling can really ad a new dimension to the look of your home. Now since the Internet age has come on the scene, I’ve seen my share of strange ideas. One of the most absurd cabinet renovations I witnessed was a young lady wrapping her apartment cupboards with foil wallpaper.

The best cheap method I’ve ever seen is stencil painting cabinet fronts. This is something that can add a real touch of class to an old looking kitchen or bathroom cupboard. Anyone can do this with a little time and a few dollars in their pockets. By integrating colors of red, green, blue, yellow and black into creative patterns, new life can be given to a boring set of cupboards. If you are an artist, you can forget using the patterns/templates and paint your own creative scenes on the face of your cabinetry.

Of all the things that can be done to upgrade an older kitchen or vanity, painting is by far the least expensive option. It is a durable choice as well. Some people confuse cabinet resurfacing with painting. They are two entirely different processes. Resurfacing refers to Formica cabinets being recovered with new laminate.

You can make things look newer by installing new handles or knobs. Hardware is available on a large scale of price ranges. Some knobs can be obtained for fifty cents each and others can cost over fifty dollars each. Since you are interested in doing a cheap cabinet renovation, then this is a great way to make things look better. Here’s a good tutorial on how to drill for cabinet door handles if you do not presently have any.

Now those are the two cheapest ways I know of for renovating cabinets. There are many ways to improve the quality of your cupboards. An expensive way is to upgrade cabinet doors to something more high end. You can recover the faces of your cabinets at the same time as you install new doors. Although this is cheaper than replacing all of your cupboards, it is an expensive approach to renovating a kitchen or bathroom

Cabinet renovations can get to be very expensive. If you want to keep things cheap, you will need to shop wisely. One of the best ways to save money on cabinet hardware is to go directly to a cabinet manufacture in your area. You can usually get knobs and handles for less through a fabricator than at Home Depot or a cabinet hardware supply company. The reason for this is they can buy them at wholesale prices. The trick for you is going to be talking them into selling them to you at wholesale pricing.

If you have a few finish carpentry skills, you can alter existing cupboard doors and make them into glass framed doors. This works best with flat doors. It generally requires using a saber saw, cutting some molding with miter joints, some glass and a little paint. The video below will explain how to do this.

My final suggestion involves countertop paint. If you have laminate tops, you can make them look just like granite. There is an entire system that can be purchased which works excellent for renovating old worn out laminate tops. This is not necessarily a cheap way of renovating your kitchen or bathroom. However, it is cheaper than installing new granite tops.

Cheap cabinet renovation ideas don’t have to be low in quality. The key to transforming old cupboards into something nice is found in being creative. Now the girl who was covering her cabinets with wallpaper was being creative, but not necessarily practical. Wallpaper was never intended to be used on such high-maintenance areas. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets get more use than just about anything else in the home.

Just remember, just because something is cheap to do, doesn’t always mean it is the best idea. You want your cupboard renovation to be durable as well as cheap. Use plenty of common sense while doing your cheap kitchen or bathroom cabinet renovation.

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