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How to Make a Backsplash Out of Photos

Images of People On BacksplashThis article will teach you how to make interestingly different kitchen backsplashes out of your own favorite photos. Between cabinets countertops and appliances, there’s not a lot of room in kitchen design to get super personal with your choices. A solution is to get creative with your backsplashes. Click on this link(https://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/kitchens/create-a-vinyl-photo-backsplash) and you you will find a video that demonstrates how to get super personal by adding photographs to your kitchen splash areas.

The most important step in this project is choosing the right photograph. The first thing to focus on is proportion and scale. You want to make sure whatever the subject of your image is that it will fit well to the scale of your room. While color photographs are a lot more fun-black and white is a lot more timeless and classic.

The last thing you want to focus on is composition. If you have to squint to look at the photo, it is definitely not the right choice for your kitchen backsplashes. Keep in mind it is always good to go with clean graphic shapes.

To have your photo printed the size you need to create a big backsplash, you need to get in touch with a local digital print shop. These are the same people that print billboards and automobile wraps.

Once you have your photos enlarged the next step is to install your backsplash. Taking time to prepare your walls is key to a good installation. Fill any nail holes with wall patch or spackle and then sand until the walls are perfectly smooth.

Worried about one day taking the wall-splash down? Have no fear because that’s what wall covering primer is for. This not only ensures an easy installation, but also easy removal down the road.

Next, while the primer dries, cut the vinyl photo wallpaper to size. Lay the image out on a long flat surface to make it easy to work with. An easy way to cut your vinyl photo back-splash to size is to use a template. Using a roll of contractor paper, tape it up on the wall splash area and cut it to the size you need. Tape this to the the backside of the photo and trace it. Leave about an inch or two on all sides of the backsplash photo when cutting it to size. That way when you install it you will have a small margin for error.

Now that you’ve cut the image to size, it’s time for it to go up on the wall. Before you permanently fit the photo to the wall, you want to do a dry fit it just to make sure you’ve got it cut to the correct size.

Roll wallpaper adhesive/paste on the wall and allow it to set for five to ten minutes. Carefully put the photo to the wall and smooth out air bubbles along the way. This way the vinyl will lay perfectly flat. If you are uncertain about your skills at this point, hire a wallpaper hanger to install your photo back-splashes.

Use a utility knife to cut off all of the excess and to ensure a perfectly straight line around the edges. There are wallpaper’s tools to help with installing the backsplash you created from your favorite images.

The last step is to make sure you remove any excess paste with hot soap and water. Just wipe down the vinyl covering with a sponge.

So that’s how to make photos into a kitchen backsplash. The entire project can be finished in just a matter of a few simple steps.

What is so wonderful about making a kitchen backsplash out of photographs is that things are so personal. It takes an image that has been sitting in a photo album for years and turns it into a statement in your kitchen.

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