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Kitchen Cabinet Scheduling Guide for Remodeling or New Construction

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This kitchen cabinet guide will help you understand the development stages of getting your new cabinetry and counters installed. Scheduling flooring companies, plumbers, drywall installers, painters, countertop fabricators and wallpaper hangers at the proper time, during the remodeling or new construction project, is important. These tips will serve you well in accomplishing the tasks at hand in a professional manner. Some of these suggestions should be loosely held so that flexibility will allow you to work with your sub-contractors.

It may be necessary for you to make a phone call or two to verify that a suggestion for scheduling that one of your subs offers, will allow your other companies to accomplish their installations quickly and correctly. Communication is the key to success in most every situation where humans must work together. Your going to be the middle man/woman that makes everything work like a well oiled machine.

When to Schedule a Kitchen Cabinet Install

After the drywall is installed and textured, the cabinet installation can fit into the schedule at any time. Below are a few suggestions that you can use as a guide to help you decide when the best time for the kitchen cabinet install will be in relation to your home project.

It’s OK to paint the walls first. A reputable cabinetry installer will be able to work quickly and not do major damage to the finish. Oftentimes, contractors like to have the walls painted first and then after many of the subs have completed their work, the painters are summoned to return and do touch-up throughout the house.

The ceilings should be textured prior to the scheduling of the cabinetry install being fulfilled. It is possible to skip trowel ceilings after they have been installed but understand that the process is very messy. It just makes sense that the finisher should not have to work over top of high-in custom cabinets and counters.

Electrical Work
The electricians should be scheduled after the cabinets are installed so they can hook up dishwashers, over the stove microwave outlets, under-cabinet lighting, garbage disposals and many others.

Wallpaper Installation
When you are scheduling a kitchen cabinet installation make sure that the wallpaper is installed after the cabinet and counters have been installed. There is no exception to this rule, ever!

Ordering Countertops
Usually, when you are having a high-in kitchen counter fabricated such as granite, Corian, Silstone or other name brands, the fabricators want to wait for templating until after the cabinets are installed. If you are having Formica countertops built, it may be possible to get them installed at the same time as the cabinetry.

Flooring Installation
The floor should be installed after the cabinets in most cases. Oftentimes, when people are having real hardwood floors installed, the cabinets are scheduled to be delivered and mounted to the walls afterward. Sub-floors must be installed before the cabinets. Generally, when there is tile being installed on a frame/wood floor, dura-rock needs to be installed first. The thickness of the flooring greatly affects the cabinet height as it relates to the dishwasher size fitting into the space.


These guys should be on the schedule to install the sink, garbage disposal and hook up the dishwasher as soon as the countertops are installed.

  • Tip: Once the kitchen cabinetry installation schedule is complete and the plumber has hooked things up, cover your cabinets and counters with protective paper. Although sub-contractors are supposed to conduct themselves in a professional and honest manner, when something gets damaged very rarely does anyone ever fess up to being the culprit? This takes a little extra time and money but it’s a lot less expensive than replacing a countertop or making a real wood cabinet repair.

Remember,  these suggestions only are provided to serve as a guide in helping you coordinate the remodeling or new construction installation of your  kitchen cabinets and countertops. These are not intended to be rules. Be flexible with the schedule so that everyone will be able to accomplish their work in a professional and expedient manner. Consult with your subs and decide what is going to work best for all involved. If you are getting contradicting views seek help from an experienced contractor. A simple phone call could help you resolve the issue at hand quickly.
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