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Washer/Dryer How Much Room is Needed

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When you are installing cabinets next to a washer/dryer the width required is 61.” The room needed from the floor to the bottom of the upper cabinetry is generally around 56” clear. A standard measurement for installing upper cabinets is 54” off of the floor to the bottom of the wall cabinet. When you are hanging them in the laundry room it’s best to allow another two inches (56”) if at all possible. This additional clearance leaves more distance for the door of the washing machine to clear the bottom of the cupboard.

These dimensions are obviously for a side by side combination of a standard sized washer and dryer. Each unit is 30” wide. Make sure to double check with your appliance company before you finalize the laundry cabinetry design.

Some people will actually plan on having a cloths rod over the washer area. In this situation there is plenty of clearance for the lift lid of the appliance. Generally, there is a valance box that is built to match the cabinetry that the cloths rod gets installed into.

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