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Laundry Room Cabinets Design Ideas

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One of the best laundry room layouts that I have ever created had a unique design. Many of the ideas were combined from years of design experience in the cabinet industry. I’m going to share with you the best of the finest design ideas that I’ve used throughout my twenty seven years of designing laundry room cabinetry.I the laundry room counters and cabinets are designed properly this room can be a valuable asset to have when you get ready to sell.

What are the four most important things to have in your laundry room cabinet design?

1)  Deep Sink or Washtub-This is one thing that you must not ever exclude from your laundry room design. Through they years customers have suggested that they really did not need to have a large sink, but we should always think about the next person who is going to own the house. They work great for soaking clothes, placing mobs in and also washing things like hobby or household paint brushes in. The ideas for what a deep tub sink can be used for are limitless. Just think about thawing out a huge Thanksgiving turkey for a moment. Wouldn’t a large laundry room sink be the ideal place to put the bird?

2) Clothes Rods- Why people design their laundry room areas without having some type of clothes rods is way beyond my comprehension. Mom always taught me that if you hung your clothes on a hanger immediately when they were finished drying, sometimes the necessity for ironing would be totally eliminated, unless of course you are dealing with a cotton fabric item. My ideas about clothes rods have always been to keep them just far enough off of the floor to hang your shirts from. Over this area you should have an upper cabinet. This makes reaching the cloths rods easy because they are at waist height. The upper cabinet should be made extra deep, like twenty four inches. A side support panel may be necessary if there are not two walls to attach the clothes rod to.

3) Clothes Folding Countertop-Your laundry room cabinets should include an area in the design where you can fold your clothes. This is going to require that the laundry room be sizable. For the mom who plans on doing laundry for several children and a husband, her ideas of having plenty of room in the laundry rooms are at the forefront of her minds design. The finest folding table that a laundry room can have is a center island. Now, I know that the laundry room design is usually just big enough for the washer and dryer and a sink, but if you plan on having a large family or already have one, you need your cabinets design to be on a larger scale than the norm in the laundry room area.

4) Open Shelf Cabinets-I always try to make open shelves in the washer and dryers cabinets design area. This just makes it so much more convenient to grab your laundry detergent or fabric softener off of the shelf. If you must open a door to get the detergent out and close it every time you do a load of laundry, it’s always a hassle.

Those are all of the most important things I try to include in the laundry cabinets design. If you have lots of space, then there are many more ideas to explore for this area of the home. Places for clothes baskets, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms and vacuums should be considered as well.

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