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Installing Cabinet Magnet Locks

Installing child (or “kid”) proof cabinet safety magnet locks is easy. In just 6 minutes see how to make your cabinets secure from children getting into them by adding Tot-Loks. I have used these special hidden latches to secure file cabinet drawers also on high-in fancy wood office cabinetry where the owner didn’t want the hard metal looking cam locks.

The six minute video below demonstrates how easy it is to mount these cabinet door securing latches on any type of cupboards. The installation can be completed in less than a half hour per lock.

Magnet Cabinet Lock Installation Video

What tools are needed for installing a magnetic cabinet lock?

Surprisingly, the Tot-Lok installation can be accomplished with a drill, a screw driver and a few drill bits. Watch this professional (video) walk you through the process of mounting a child proof lock to a kitchen sink cabinet door.

When I installed several of these locks in a kitchen for a customer, the first one was the most difficult one to master. Once I finished attaching the first magnetic lock, installing the other securing latches went rather quickly. This is a great way to kid proof storage areas that have cleansers in them without sacrificing the impressive look of your beautiful kitchen or vanity cabinetry.

Where to Buy Kid Proof Magnet Locks for Cabinet Doors

With so many options on the Internet, where is a good place to buy these kid proof cabinet magnet locks?

Amazon is my choice store for purchasing many of the household items that we need. Shopping online is so much easier than going to the store and wasting valuable time waiting at red lights, trying to find the child proof magnet locks in the hardware store and then standing in line to buy them.

I’m pretty certain that they can be bought at Home Depot and without a doubt a local cabinet supply company will sell them.

If you don’t have time to install the magnet locks– consider hiring a professional cabinet maker to do the work. Hiring a handy man is not an option when you are dealing with improving your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry by having these locks installed. Get a cabinet man to complete the mounting process. This way if anything goes wrong, like a slip of the screwdriver making a scratch in the Formica or oak door, the kitchen cupboard professional will be able to restore the beauty back to your kitchen or vanity cabinetry.

Now that you see how to install the Tot-Lok child proof magnet on your cabinets the task of mounting the child resistant securing latches will be much easier. The magnet should be stored in a safe place after the installation is complete. I’m sure that you understand the importance of not losing this magnetic key. If you did lose one, I’m not really sure where to buy a new key. Perhaps one could be purchased directly from the Tot-Lok company. When the cabinet lock installation is complete you will still need to be cautious. especially if you have older children in the house who may leave the key in a place where a younger child my find it.

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