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How to Secure Cabinets for Kids Safety

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Having been in the kitchen cupboard industry for many years, kids safety oftentimes decides how we should design something. If parents can secure dangerous items from the reach of children because of a special locking mechanism we installed, their young child will be better protected from harm. It has always been common practice for our sales personnel to offer installation of magnetic safety locks for cabinets that we manufacture.

Many customers decline because of the additional cost of installing the devices. When they do decide to not hire us for the installation process, we offer free instructions for how they can install these special locking devices themselves.

There are several styles of locks available which are designed to secure kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and office cabinetry form toddlers or young children. Just knowing that the kids cannot be able to access the interior of the cupboards will be worth the effort to get the cabinets secure.

Using External Cabinet Door Securing Locks

There are several brands and styles of this type of device. They are generally designed to work on double door cabinets. The mechanisms get placed around both hardware knobs or handles on the cupboard doors and then you snap or pull them tight. These work really well, but for appearance purposes they are not ascetically pleasing to the eyes. The cost is reasonable and there is not handyman abilities need to install them.

Cupboard Door Locks That Can’t Be Seen
These particular locks are designed to secure the cabinet doors using magnetic force. Once installed, they cannot be seen from the exterior of the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. The cost of this particular product is a little more than the external cabinet securing devices, but the benefit is that they cannot be seen. They do take a certain level of craftsmanship to install them.

Learning how to install magnetic locks won’t take very long. We actually have a video on our site that demonstrates how to secure your kitchen or bathroom vanity cabinets using this product. Don’t delay, make your cupboards safe so that you won’t have to be worried about the kids while you are in another room. Take the proper safety precautions now and get those locks taken care of.

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