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Estimating Bathroom Cabinets-Save Money Design

Here are a few design tips that will help you narrow down the estimating costs associated with bathroom or vanity cabinets. What should you purchase in order to get the most for your money? What affects the price of cupboards when designing a new set or remodeling existing cabinetry?

How can you create a nice looking set of cupboards and save a few dollars at the same? Is it more cost effective to use cultured marble or Formica tops? Should you get a molded in sink or purchase on separately?

The following tips will help answer some of these questions.

Drawer Stacks-If you want to add significant amounts to your estimate, then design your cupboards to include a lot of drawers. These items are very labor intensive to fabricate, install and adjust. The reason is because there has to be a drawer fabricated, a front built, a slide purchased and installed. Also, an additional handle or knob is required. Bathroom drawer cabinets require much more attention during the installation process than a cupboard that would have adjustable shelves and doors.

Installers oftentimes need to move slides and place shims in various places in order to get the drawers to look and operate correctly. This is very labor intensive and costly.

Knee Spaces or Makeup Areas-If your master bathroom vanity is large enough to have a makeup knee space in the design, this will save you some money. The reasons should be obvious, less materials and labor are required to fabricate this item in comparison to a full sized cabinet.

Counters With Molded in Sinks-It’s possible to save money if you purchase a cultured marble countertop with the sink already molded into the top. In comparison to the cost of having a plastic laminate counter fabricated and a separate sink purchased and installed the cultured marble top is a good choice for saving money.

Open Shelf Cabinets-If your color selection allows the cabinet maker to use Melamine board that matches the door color, designing an open-shelf cabinet in the vanity layout will save a few dollars. If the color is not readily available on a board you will not be saving money because the cabinet company will have to laminate the color onto the materials that the cupboard is made out of. Estimating costs will be high if this is the case.

Purchase a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet-Rather than have your cabinet company fabricate a medicine cabinet, purchase one from your local hardware store.

Keep The Layout Balanced-If you can design your vanity cabinets to have similar sized boxes, this can save money. When fabricators are cutting and assembling parts, it’s much quicker to cut and build four cabinets that are thirty inches wide and identical in design than having four cupboards that are different sizes and styles.

All of these small things can add up to big savings when estimating the cost of bathroom vanity cabinets. I didn’t take the time to write about various door designs, but you can save a lot of money depending on what style you select. If you choose to go with a kitchen height vanity it will cost you more than if you use a standard height design. Have fun exploring all the vanity possibilities and get the most for your money while having a good time.

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  1. Lawrence Yates
    July 7th, 2009 at 07:31 | #1

    I was really pleased when I had my new Bathroom Vanity installed this weekend. I was expecting it to take all weekend to install it. However my plumber is a pro and had it ready to go in about an hour and a half.

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