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Save Money On Cabinet Making Materials

March 11th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I can usually save a lot of time and money on various cabinet making or repair projects by purchasing damaged materials from local cabinet supply companies. I’ve done this on many occasions and it works really well.


Recently, I had to replace a water damaged sink cabinet bottom  that was originally fabricated out of clear coated real maple plywood. Just to purchase one sheet of this material was going to cost over forty eight dollars. I asked the clerk if they could give me a discount on something that was possibly damaged. She checked into it for me.

 A few minutes later, I had a slightly damaged piece of pre-finished maple ply-wood strapped onto of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. When the final bill was totaled up, I paid less than twenty eight dollars for the full four by eight sheet of ply-wood.  That calculated to be equivalent to a forty percent discount.


On another occasion, I was able to save a lot of money on a piece of off-white Melamine board. It was a full four by eight foot sized sheet. This particular cabinet repair job entailed that I was in need of this material because the three kitchen drawers that had been damaged where made of the same Melamine. Obviously, I only needed a small amount of the material. Because of its custom nature, it was necessary for me to purchase a full sheet. The local kitchen and bathroom vanity cabinet supply company that I purchased the damaged sheet from gave me a sixty percent discount on the sheet of Melamine.


Oftentimes, there are closeout items that can be used for do-it-yourself cabinet projects. This is a great way to save money and cut the expense of making home improvements. Obviously the only draw back is that the materials selection is going to be limited to the items that the supply company is closing out.


In any case taking a trip to your local kitchen and bathroom supply company or even calling them on the phone could be beneficial in the long run, especially if you only need a very small amount of material to do the cabinet project or repair.

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