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Cleaning Kitchen or Bathroom Plastic Laminate

There are many ways to clean kitchen or bathroom cabinet and countertop surfaces. Cleaning plastic laminate with household cleaners is an option as seen in this video using a sponge or Scotch Brite pad and a spray on cleanser.

But for tougher stains such as permanent marker or grease build-up you may want to consider using lacquer thinner. This chemical won’t hurt the cabinets or countertop surface and works excellent on many stains that are found on Formica, Wilsonart, Nevarmar, and Pionite brand laminates.

When using lacquer thinner we have found that the flammable type works best. Don’t worry, this material will not harm your manufactured plastic kitchen or bathroom components. Cupboard manufactures have used it for many years for cleaning contact cement off of Formica kitchen parts.

How to Clean Plastic Laminate

Use a terry cloth rag moderately soaked with the lacquer thinner. Whip the area that is dirty with grease build-up, permanent marker ink, pencil marks or other mars by applying significant pressure.

It is important that you do not over saturate areas where there are seams in the plastic laminate because this can cause the cabinet contact cement to loosen if the liquid seeps under the mica and cause the contact glue to loosen. If this does happen, wait several minutes, like 15 to twenty and then tap the seam area with a hammer.

Cleaning Hair Color off Plastic Laminate

Commit works great for removing hair color stains from plastic laminate or Formica. You must not use the cleanser on gloss laminate though. Only apply Commit on matte finish cabinet or countertop surfaces.

A Scotch Brite pad will help remove stubborn marks when cleaning the plastic laminate. A little Commit, lacquer thinner or spray household cleanser such as Windex or 409 will work great in combination with the coarse scrubber pads. It especially helps when there is hair color stains on counters. Those are most of the how to ways of getting plastic laminate surfaces clean.

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