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Formica Plastic Laminate Edge Coming Off Countertop

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How to fix a Formica plastic laminate edge that is coming off of the countertop by using contact glue. There are a few things that you are going to need in order to do the repair to your laminate top.

1) Lacquer thinner
2) Contact glue
3) Small paint brush
4) Rags
5) Drop cloth
6) Putty knife

With these basic tools and supplies you should be able to perform the task at hand without difficulty.

Just so you know, not all laminate edges are adhered the same way. For instance, you may have a beveled edge countertop. If this is the case, it’s possible that the edging that was applied to the top is a piece of trim molding that is one quarter of an inch thick. This type of special Formica countertop molding is usually applied and bonded to the edge of the counter using yellow wood glue. If your molding is coming loose, you must fix it immediately because water damage could occur if the area is left unattended.

Fixing a Formica Edge That is Loose on a Counter top

Use the drop cloth for the floor and the lacquer thinner and rag for cleaning the glue off when you are finished fixing the Formica edge that has become loose on your countertop.

Method 1

If you can use the paint brush and get the glue underneath the loose laminate and on the board as well, let the glue dry the recommended amount of time.

Using your hand apply pressure and stick the edge of the top to the boards surface. You should use a considerable amount of pressure during this stage of the Formica countertop repair.

Method 2

If the edge of the laminate is close enough to an end on the top, you can us the putty knife to peal it back so that the plastic laminate edging is completely separated from the board.

Glue both surfaces and allow the contact adhesive to thoroughly dry according to the manufacture’s specifications for drying time.

Being careful, press the edge to the board so that it aligns correctly in place.

Use pressure by pushing your hand along the area that you just bonded with the contact glue.

Fixing a loose plastic laminate countertop edge is not a difficult task. It is very important to take your time and really think about what you are doing. Using common sense when repairing an edge that is coming off could save you a lot of aggravation in the end.

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