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High End Copper Kitchen and Bar Sinks

Hammered Copper Sink

Hammered Copper Sink

Many luxury homes are designed with high end kitchen items such as copper kitchen sinks. Terms like hammered, antique, undermount, apron, farm house or satin finish are used to describe popular styles. They are also designed for bar and bathroom vanity areas. An expensive countertop such as granite, Corian or custom tile will become a hot conversation piece when it is accented with an antique or satin finish custom drop-in or under mount style.

Price Ranges of Copper Sinks

Copper Apron Sink

Copper Apron Sink

Like any luxury item price ranges can vary and the same holds true with designer copper sinks. Although the term high end tends to make one think that there is an expensive price tag that goes along with the purchase, we found several online stores that sell these sinks at bargain prices or at a low cost in comparison to other suppliers. Copper Sinks Online is one such popular place that we discovered that had a few cheap, nice looking choices for bars, bathrooms and kitchen areas which included free direct shipping.

Average Online Stores Prices for Drop In and Under Mount Styles

Kitchen Standard Sinks $500-2050

Kitchen Farm House or Apron $926-2950

Copper Bar Sink $195-800

Vanity or Bathroom $150-800

Take plenty of time to see what all of your options are for a hammered copper sink if that’s the style you like. I say this because there are some very impressive designs that we discovered when we were reviewing the various options for apron/farm, drop-in, and undermount sink styles.

The kitchen in your home is one of the most important areas to invest a little extra money in. If your home is large enough to have a bar area, this will just be an added bonus when it comes time to sell. Although the price ranges of high end antique custom copper sinks are much more than the traditional stainless steel or cast iron styles, the extra investment will yield a return in the long run. The satisfaction of getting what you really want adds additional value, as well.

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