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Unusual or Different Countertop Styles

Concrete Counter/Copper Sink

Concrete Top

Having an unusual countertop, one that’s a little exotic, eccentric, or risqué in your kitchen’s design, can be a great conversation piece. There are attractive styles in metal finishes such as copper, zinc or stainless steel that can set you apart from the norm. In recent years the advancement of concrete tops has taken a unique artistic position in the kitchen cabinetry industry. Colors, styles and design possibilities with concrete tops are only limited by the artist’s imagination. These specialty type tops fall into the high end category of cabinet and counter design.

Unusual Copper Countertop Designs

Copper Top

Copper Top

The unique thing about having a copper countertop is that they tend to change colors as the soft metal reacts to various substances that are common to kitchen use. Dents, dings, depressions and scratches are all common types wear that this type of top displays, the more it is used. Things such as oils, lemon, lime or orange juice may cause a chemical reaction on the surface that changes the color of the copper.  Even fruits and vegetables may effect the coloration. Patina can be applied to help keep the countertop’s color more consistent.

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Different Concrete Countertop Styles

The possibilities are endless when you choose to have a concrete counter fabricated.  Google has many concrete countertop photographs that display choices of swirls, various colors of green, red, orange, and blue as well as free form styles that were designed for kitchens, offices, banks, patio areas and outdoor kitchens. Some tops even look like granite and others can have chips of tile sprinkled throughout. The top coat choices vary from a low luster, medium sheen or high gloss finishes are available. They come thick, thin, fat, skinny, rough and smooth. You will find them available in many different decorative edge styles. Concrete countertops are different, unique and unusual in comparison to what most Americans are accustomed to in their kitchen, bathroom, or office.

Copper and concrete tops are different from the norm. The unique styles that these two types of tops offer set them in the high end category of cabinetry and countertop design. Fabricators of concrete are increasing in numbers more than the metallic type counters. Copper, Zink and stainless steel countertops are a specialty items that not just anyone can manufacture. You have to have an entire metal working shop to fabricate metal counters.

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