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What is a Lamello Machine or Biscuit Joiner?

Lamello Machine

Lamello Machine

When I first began working in a cabinet shop, it wasn’t long before someone mentioned creating a bond between two pieces of wood with a Lamello machine. Instantly I wondered, what is a Lamello machine and what does it do? It was later referred to as a biscuit joiner as well.

Basically what this machine does is creates a thin groove in both pieces of wood  and then a small wafer or biscuit is glued in place. The two wood boards are then placed in clamps and secured until the glue has had time to dry. The depth of the cut from the materials surface is the same on both pieces. So, when the two pieces are fastened together the Lamello wafer or biscuit causes them to align perfectly flush on the surface.

The term “Lamello” is actually the brand name of the manufacture or the corporation. The proper name of the power tool is biscuit joiner.

Many cabinet and countertop manufactures utilize this machine. What it gets used for is determined by the project at hand. It can be used for splicing wood together, such as an extra long back splash for a countertop or for attaching special edges to counters and cabinet parts. The applications that this hand power tool can be used for is only limited by the creativity of its user.

In my search to discover information on the internet about this power tool, I ran across this post called, Biscuit Joiners-An Overview.  It’s a very informative article. Here’s one of the  Lamello corporations information videos demonstrating how the wood joining system works.  

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