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Making Panels Next to the Dishwasher and Range

When installing cabinetry that has been purchased from a dealer (or, “distributor”), you will discover that there will not be what is referred to in the cabinet industry as dishwasher or range panels. So, what do you do when there is not a cabinet next to one or both of these appliances? You will have to build these specialty items. These are only necessary when there is not a cabinet next to the range or dishwasher. They can vary in width, but the standard size is about three inches.

“Returning” them or making a “return” does not mean taking them back to the store. This is the process of creating filler that “returns” from the face of the panel, toward the back wall, so that when the door of the appliance is opened, there is a solid piece of wood that is seen on the dishwasher or range panel side.

Should there be a notch in the panel to match the toe of the cabinet?

Yes, if it is possible in your given situation, there should be a 3” deep notch by whatever the height of your toe bases are on the frontside of the panel.

  • Tip: Always make sure that the face of the filler, in a corner, is large enough to allow clearance for your drawers to pullout properly. Don’t forget to figure the depth of the handle too.

Does the panel need to be anchored to the floor?

Yes, this will protect it from any damage that might happen from it moving back and forth if someone bumps it or kicks it accidentally. Temporary spacers should be cut to permanently fix the interior opening size for the range or dishwasher to slide into.

What should the depth of the dishwasher panel be? Should it be the same as the cabinet frame or the door depth?

Every situation is going to be different, especially if you are dealing with angles that are not 90 degrees. The standard depth of the panels should be 24 ¾” which makes them flush with the depth of the cabinet’s door.

When returning the side of the range or dishwasher panel how deep should it be?

When making the return panel, plan on returning it no less than six inches. This is the dimension that cabinet makers use as an industry standard. If your situation will allow you to use a full depth panel, that’s fine too.

Should I be concerned about how the countertop will fasten to the panel?

This is going to depend upon the type of countertop that you are purchasing or building. It will also depend upon the design area of where the dishwasher or range is at. Some situations will require a fastening mechanism and others will not.

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