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How to Install Cabinet Door Panels on Dishwasher

The most important thing about learning how to install custom fabricated cabinet door panels on your dishwasher is double checking the dimensions from start to finish. If they were not ordered correctly in the first place, then you are not going to be able to complete the installation process successfully. So, with this in mind, be sure to contact the appliance manufacture directly to make sure that you have the proper panel sizes information for your appliance model.

Custom doors cannot be installed on a dishwasher if there is not a trim kit. You must inform your appliance sales person that you plan on having special doors put on the front of the dishwasher to match your cabinet doors. By informing him at the time when you are purchasing the appliance, the correct trim kit can be ordered.

Once the kitchen cabinets have been installed and the appliances are delivered and hooked up to the electrical & plumbing connections, the custom cabinet door panels can be installed.

Installing Dishwasher Door Panels

You should only need a Phillips screwdriver for installing the panels. You will have to install one for the large door and also a small panel that fits on the bottom cover.

Large Door Installation

On the side of the dishwasher there is a piece of trim metal that is held on with a few Phillips head screws. Remove the screws and the side trim pieces should come right off.

Slid the new custom cabinet door panel into the trim kit and replace the trim piece.

Lower Panel Installation
The smaller panel is generally held on with a couple of Phillips screws, remove them. Take the side trim off and slide the new dishwasher panel into the frame. Replace the side frame and re-attach the lower section onto the main dishwasher.

Make sure that the new custom dishwasher panels fit nice and snug. If they are too loose put padding behind them.
If the new door panel is too tight, you must not force it into position. Whatever alterations need to be made must be executed. These doors should slide into place without any resistance. If you force them, they will only get stuck and then you will really have a serious problem on your hands.

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