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Handicapped Workers Cabinet Shops-General labor opportunities

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Large cabinet manufacturing companies can find positions for people (or, “workers”) who are mildly handicapped. There are several general jobs that can be performed where skilled labor experience is not necessary.

Muscular Dystrophy

One of the first kitchen cabinet manufactures that I worked for had a gentle man who suffered from a physical disability. I believe that it was Muscular Dystrophy. As he would be walking along, all of the sudden he would have to take really small steps until he regained control and could walk normally. The same thing would happen occasionally as he was working with hand tools and staple guns. Apparently he was familiar enough with his circumstances to be able to tell when his muscles were going into spasms. He would patiently hold his position until he regained control of his body’s functions. Even though he was handicapped, he was able to keep a forty hour a week job.

The company found several positions that he was good at. One of which was cutting and building all of the European kitchen and bathroom vanity custom made toe bases. Because the fabrication facility was so large and set up on a production type system, this man could pull pre-ripped boards from a stock-bin and cut them to size on a radial arm saw. He would then staple the toe bases together with an air powered staple gun.

Off of the subject of cabinet shop laborers, I have a good friend of mine who was born blind. He is now in his mid thirties. A few years ago he attended special training classes to become a switchboard operator for the United States Air Force. He passed the course requirements with flying colors and was put into the position. He is now employed full time, serving our country even though he is blind. His handicap didn’t stop him from succeeding at something in the labor force.

Mental Illness
Another cabinet company that I worked in hired a man who was slightly mentally ill. Although he looked to be in his mid forties it was apparent that his mental stat was lacking behind his physical body’s age. In any event, he worked out fine in the position of cleaning contact glue off of Formica Plastic Laminate doors all day long. Eventually as he got more familiar with how things were done, he was entrusted with filing cabinetry doors.

We hired a man who was born totally deaf. He had a complicated, specialized surgery that now allows him to hear with an abnormal type hearing aid. We used him as a general laborer in the Formica department. Once he was taught the routine of when to sand, route, file, glue and clean the plastic laminate, he was a tremendous asset to the company. Although it took a little loner to train him, his disability did not stop him from becoming an expert plastic laminate craftsman.

Handicapped persons should not shy away for contacting local cabinet manufactures to see if there are any general labors positions open. There may be simple job opportunities such as being a wood catcher. A person in this position basically catches wood at the end of a conveyor belt type system all day long. As previously mentioned there are many cabinet parts that must be hand cleaned after various types of edging and special finishes have been applied with glues. Cabinet shops have many positions that need to be filled. Handicapped workers may find employment within a cabinet company.

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