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Having a Team Player Attitude-Working in a Cabinet Manufacturing Shop

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Just like any group activity, people working in unity inside of a cabinet shop are very important to a company’s success. One or two wrong attitudes can really filter through an entire group of people and create problems. The best way to get the most out of your employees is to monitor attitudes and be aware of who is treading on thin ice.

People who have poor attitudes, should not be tolerated under any circumstances. It should be made very clear to them if they cannot be a team player than they will have to go elsewhere and work.

Being a team player rather than a complainer is very important to the moral of all involved in a manufacturing facility. I mean let’s face it, when you must spend forty hours a week listening to high powered machines cutting and buzzing all day long, who wants to have to listen to someone with a bad attitude, NOBODY!

It’s really simple, a smile is better than a frown. A kind word out ranks harsh words. People like to be treated with respect and dignity.

Throughout my many years of building cabinets, there have only been a few occasions where there was a solid team of people who could work together well.

I remember on one occasion when many people were laid off from a cabinet company that had over one hundred employees, they kept the best of the best on staff. We were totally amazed at how much we were able to produce with this core team of people who worked well together.

What I remember most was how rewarding it was to be a part of a team of workers who all had great attitudes throughout the day. I guess we were all very grateful that we still had positions in the manufacturing company after the huge layoff. The stress level was lessoned also because the work load was not as demanding. Although we had deadlines to meet, we never were rushed because there were so few kitchen cabinetry jobs to complete.

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