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Painting Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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When you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets it will bring your old cabinets back to life. In this video the process of painting raised panel doors is explained in great detail. Megan Carter of Ask The Decorator explains what type of paint should be used for the kitchen cupboard remodel and also how to prepare them to receive the new paint.
If you’re wondering what the necessary steps are that will have to be completed, this is a thorough tutorial video on how to prep and finish the entire project. This short video lesson on renovating your cupboards is excellent.

How to Repaint Existing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

There is only a hand- full of steps that need to be followed once you decide on the paint color that bests suits your taste. Existing kitchen cabinets, once painted, cannot be restored to the original natural wood grain look without a lot of hard work. So, make sure that repainting your cupboards is exactly what you want to do during your remodel project.

Materials Needed

1) Mild soap and water mixture
2) Sand paper
3) Liquid de-glosser-this is quicker and easier to use than sanding the parts.
4) Plastic gloves
5) Lent free cloth
6) Oil base primer- these will stick much better than latex primers.
7) Paint brushes


If you decide to remove the drawer faces off of the actual drawer box, mark the backside of the decorative front with a permanent marker right next to where the drawer box is located, prior to removing the screws. This way when you install the fronts back on, you can align the decorative front with the drawer box, using the permanent marker line as a guide and screw it back on.

A) Remove the kitchen cabinet doors
B) Take off all hardware such as handles and hinges. This will make it much easier to paint.
C) Clean all of the cabinetry areas to be painted with the mild soap and water mixture.
D) If sanding the cabinets, use sand paper to rough the surface. Make sure to clean off the dust very well afterward.
E) If using a liquid de-glosser, apply it with the lent free rag in a circular motion. Read the instructions on the label. You should just have to wait for the substance to dry and you’re then ready to paint. It’s really just that easy.
F) Use the oil base primer and brush it on and allow it to completely dry.
G) Apply the finish coats of oil base paint.
H) Attach old or new hardware back on all of the kitchen cabinetry parts and re-hang the doors and attach the drawer faces.

When painting the cabinets or doors use straight and even strokes. Blend the strokes together. If you get any runs, clean all of the paint off of your brush and attend to the run by gently blending and lifting the paint at the same time.

When you are applying the primer or finish coats to the doors, paint them on a flat horizontal surface. This will help avoid getting any runs in the paint. If you are painting raised panel kitchen cabinet doors, start in the center of the door and work your way toward the outside.

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