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Storage Cabinets-Custom Made Solutions Home or Office

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Having storage cabinets designed and custom fabricated by a local company may not be cheap but solutions can be made to eliminate clutter in the home or office. Imagine organizing a closet, garage, kitchen or bathroom using personalized specifications for large or small areas that are presently a mess.

Through the years our company has manufactured thousands of white cupboard systems that were designed with specific sized drawers and shelves to meet customer’s individual needs. By adding a pantry, shelving, bins, doors, drawers and racks your life can become more manageable. Everything from canned goods to dog food can have an organized space with a little creative thinking.

Ideas for custom made storage cabinets


Bathroom -Most vanity designs have base cabinets that include a sink and a few other cupboards. What about having cabinets designed that will rest on the countertop. How about a tri-view mirrored medicine cabinet with lots of shelves for storing things? Tall units that are shallow can be fabricated in wood or laminate finishes matching the design of your vanity cabinetry and installed on opposite walls of your base cabinetry.

Cd-Storage cabinets for all of your computer and music discs can be fabricated with special height drawers having plastic cd or dvd insert arrangements. Different styles and sizes of inserts are available from supply companies to make your design very personalized. Adding locking mechanisms are great ways to protect office items from being stolen.

Media Cabinet -There are hundreds storage solutions that can be designed for all of your media or movies that you cherish. Tall cabinetry and drawers are excellent ways to increase the amount of storage for these items. We’ve even fabricated risers for existing entertainment units that had drawers in them. Dvd and video storage solutions for the home are just an idea away when you apply creative thinking.

-For small bedrooms, we have fabricated many tall white and black storage cabinets on either side of the bed for hanging cloths in. These also work great for storing shoes, ties and jewelry. Here again locking cabinets can be designed to protect valuable keep sakes. Under the bed drawer units are great for storing cloths as well.

-Creating storage cabinets for tools are not much of a common occurrence. Although we have manufactured a few custom units for garage mechanics, most of the specialty items have been things like pegboard racks and custom shelving made out of plywood. Mechanics generally have large metal units for housing their tools.

Garage Storage-White modular units can be purchased from home centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s which are specifically designed for garage storage. In most large cities there are companies who specializing in fabricating and installing these custom garage systems. You’ll find many extras available like, pegboard, drawers, and countertops.

Many custom cabinet manufactures give free estimates. The way to find the best storage units cheap is to shop around. Home and office storage solutions can be designed and made at a reasonable cost if you use white or black melamine as the material that they are fabricated the cabinets from. Transforming messy small or large areas into organized masterpieces can be done with the creative use of drawers, tall cabinets, racks, bins and shelving.

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