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Home Depot Formica Countertops Review

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The post form style tops that we find at Home Depot, in varying Formica plastic laminate finishes, are good countertops for kitchens, work areas, laundry rooms and bathroom vanities. Because of my experience, I am able to give an honest review about this item. Read

Ever since the super home center came on the scene, these tops having the backsplashes preformed in them have been on the shelves. As the emergence of the granite decorative finishes began to become more desirable, so did the style of countertop edges that were available.

In order for the plastic laminate industry to be able to hold their own, as the demand for real granite increased, designers developed some pretty awesome simulations of the real thing. Home Depot keeps an excellent color selection and granite design patterns on the floors of their stores.

The only draw back to using the counters that you purchase from a place like Home Depot or Lowe’s is that the corners must have seams in them. Because the tops are made out of particleboard there is always the possibility of water seeping into the area and causing swelling to happen. Although there are various ways to seal the edges of the seam, prior to installing the tops, water damage is always a possible disaster that could happen to the kitchen or bathroom tops.

From a design perspective, the fewer seams that a kitchen countertop has in it, the better it looks. My opinion comes from being able to review many Home Depot countertop jobs that had post formed tops installed rather than custom made plastic laminate counters. I personally prefer having a custom Formica top made with a beveled edge.

Never Try To Cut Your Own Angle For The Corner

Even though this is a review about Hone Depot’s countertops, I think it’s important to educate you as to something that should never be attempted. DO NOT TRY TO CUT YOUR OWN ANGLE IN THE CORNER. If the company does not have the color or length countertop that you need, never try to cut the forty five degree angle on the top. This must always be done in the factory. This is the only way to get a professional looking seam once the post formed tops have been installed.

For straight countertop sections, I would give the Home Depot a try. You can review the many selections by stopping by their store or checking out their website. If they do not have what you need on the floor, you can special order exactly what you need. That’s all the information I have to share in this review for Home Depot plastic laminate countertops. One last thing, if you are doing a custom kitchen or bathroom cabinet set and using tops from the super center, hire a professional to install them.

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