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Preparing To Install Kitchen Cupboards

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When preparing to install your own set of kitchen cabinets it’s a good idea to get help. If you’ve never installed cupboards before, you need to know that it’s going to take a lot more than a hammer, hand saw, electric drill and ambition. I’m going to give you a list of tools that you will need to make sure that you have handy. Read

In preparation to install, what tools will I need?

1) An assortment of screw drivers- You will need Phillips head, flat head, electrical, and short ones to make the job go smoothly.

2) Hammer

3) A selection of drill bits for drilling holes and a number two Phillips head tip and also a square drive bit.

4) A hole saw drilling set- This will be used for drilling things like holes in the sink cabinet for the plumbing pipes to fit through. Microwave cords, dishwasher lines and holes for desk electrical cord grommets will be necessary.

5) An assortment of screws other than the ones that are supplied with the cabinets that you purchased. The generally supply the screws for screwing cabinets to frame walls. If you have block walls you will need shorter screws. Besides there will be countertops to attach and other things that must be secured.

6) Putty knives always come in handy. This list of tools for preparing to install cupboards, may seem a bit extensive, but I guarantee you will need a putty knife.

7) Belt sander-This is going to be a must if you want to do a professional looking job. It gets used for doing a lot of fine sanding to fit cabinet scribes to the ceilings, walls and floors.

8) Saber Saw-This will be necessary for cutting around base boards and making things fit in various places as needed.

9) Skill Saw-I use a skill saw a lot when I am preparing cabinets for the final installation to the walls. Cabinets are built straight, but the walls and floors never are. You will be cutting off parts of your cabinets, I guarantee it.

10) Table Saw-A portable one is a must. There are going to be a lot of parts that need to be cut to size.

11) Prop Sticks-These will be necessary for holding the upper cabinets up while you screw then to the walls. Some people just screw boards onto the wall and them place the upper cupboards on the temporary supports. This is not a good idea because you really do not have any flexibility for adjusting the position of the cabinetry.

12) Two Sizes of Levels-At least you will need a four foot level and a two foot long one. If you’re installing cabinets on a long run, then a six footer is ideal.

13) Clamps-You must have C-clamps or some other type for holding cabinets together while you attach them with screws. Clamps will also be used when screwing the countertops to the cupboards.

Here is another List of Things Needed for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Chances are that when you are preparing for installing kitchen or bathroom vanities, you will not have all the tools that you need. Very few things on my list will you be able to do without when installing your cupboards.

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