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Old Bathroom Vanity Makeover-Economical Ideas

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There are several options for taking an old bathroom vanity and doing a total makeover. If you are on a limited budget, replacing cabinets, the countertop and the sink may not be the best option. I will be offering a few economical ideas for remodeling this area. Read

Every remodel makes the old look really old when a new fixture is installed. Finding the balance between what to leave in place and what you should replace with something new is sometimes just a matter of trial and error.

No matter what you decide to leave or replace, I would absolutely suggest repainting. This is a great way to make things look newer without investing a lot of money.

Being in the cabinet industry for so many years, I have had the opportunity to do many bathroom vanity makeovers.

I could save you some money with my first suggestion.

If Your Cabinet Is Water Damaged You May Not Need to Replace It

On several occasions, I’ve saved customers literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars. How, you ask? By taking what appears to be a cabinet that has had some damage and repairing it to look like new. One of the greatest benefits of doing this is the customer saves a ton of money because a plumper is never involved. See, if you remove the cabinets, then the countertop will have to be taken off and the plumbing disconnected. But, when you just do a total makeover on the damaged bathroom cabinetry, by leaving them in place, you avoid the additional expenses of hiring expensive subs. Finding a cabinetry specialist who does repair work shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Rebuilding and re-laminating existing cabinets can be done if they are still good and structurally sound. The way to give them a total makeover is by replacing the old plastic laminate and ordering and installing new cupboard doors and drawer fronts. I have seen many instances where the cabinets were painted white with a product called, “Cabinet Rescue” and then new doors were installed. If your countertop is in good shape and you still like your sink, this is an inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom vanity that just needs a face lift.

If you decide you want to remove the countertop and replace it, consider buying a top that already has a sink molded into it. This is something that contractors who build homes have done for many years to save a few dollars. A counter that has a molded-in sink already looks better than having a separate one. Depending on your situation, it may cost the same or less than having a separate top and sink.

Replacing the medicine cabinet can be done for a very reasonable price if you purchase a pre-made one from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Outside of doing a bathroom vanity cabinet makeover it’s always a nice addition if you can replace an old mirror. Many of the straight wall mirrors that glass shops installed years ago get rough looking around the edges. An alternative to this is to remove it completely and repair holes in the wall and paint. Then purchase small decorative mirrors for the area. Those are the best economical ideas I have for doing a bathroom makeover.

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