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Granite Wall Backsplash With White Countertops

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There’s a really nice blend of different colors when you select granite backsplashes for your kitchen. This is why you can match the material with so many other things in your kitchen design. As an example a marble pattern that has grey white and variations of brown and umber will go well with dark wood cabinets and white countertops. Designing your kitchen around granite is a great way to pull everything together.

You can also take the same pattern and reverse the order by having white cupboards with a darker colored counter that would pick up one of the shades of beige in the marble.

It’s rather easy to choose many different accent colors when you use marble for the kitchen splashes. Some patterns may have a hint of pea green in them which actually could be used for the wall paint color.

When a medium to light grey color is present in the stone splash this will blend well with stainless steel appliances.

Having a white countertop can allow you to paint the base boards or window treatments in white. This will unify the counter and the marble backsplash with the wall colors.

Having marble in your kitchen is a great way to unify all of the design colors in the room because within the stone there are many different colors to match. By observing the stone’s varying colorations closely, an entire room can be designed by pulling from the elements in the granite.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Blending the Surroundings With Granite Backsplashes

Let’s stick with the grey based granite that has white flecks and beige accents in the marble used in combination with a solid surface white countertop.

Hanging light fixture shades can be white to blend with the top color. The ceiling base and support pole for the hanging lights can be brown or beige.

As previously mentioned your appliances can be stainless steel because of the dominant grey base coloration of the granite backsplash.

Tile floors can be a light tan to medium toned beige.

Wall paint colors would look fine with a dark pale green color.

Door casings and base boards could be white to match the countertop and the white flecks in the backsplash.

The kitchen cabinets can be fabricated using real wood doors that have a dark brown stain.

Cabinet door handles could be brushed stainless steel to match the appliances and the grey in the granite backsplashes.

Open shelf cabinets could be included in the kitchen cabinet design where beige and grey plates or vases could be displayed.

If you decide to have under cabinet lighting, which I recommend, the white from the lights will blend extremely well with the grey granite backsplashes and the white solid surface counters.

The design possibilities are literally endless when you use granite for the wall backsplash in your kitchen. If you work on keeping everything in the surroundings to have a solid colored appearance, then the granite will be the only busy swirling thing in the kitchen and the design will be pleasing to the eye.

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