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Using Black Accents in Kitchen Cabinet Design

November 7th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Using a unique blend of black colored accents in your kitchen can really make for an appealing design. If the color is used sparingly it can add great value to the looks of your kitchen or great room area. There are many items that can be used in this blending process such as sinks, countertops, appliances, stove tops, crown molding and wall tile inlays.

The idea here is to use neutral colors as the dominant base color for the kitchen area that you are going to use black accents with. I personally like mild beige tones such as what you would find with a natural colored maple hardwood kitchen.

When designing your medium to light colored wood tone kitchen consider spreading the black accents apart in the room.

Adding a touch of black to the light fixtures that hang from the ceiling looks good.

Consider the possibility of having a few open shelf cabinets where the interior of the cabinet and exterior edges are black.

All of the crown molding could be painted with the dark color or even stained.

Placing fruit bowls on the black countertops will add vibrant color to your kitchen’s design.

Even using stainless steel appliances in combination with stainless steel faucets and cabinet handles goes well with black accents in the kitchen.

If you have a high bar areas look for black stools.

Wine rack cabinets that are black on the inside look stunning when they are filled with wine bottles.

Free standing black wire display shelves blend in well on the countertops.

Having plate display cabinets that are black really makes your china collection noticeable. Actually, anything that has brilliant, bright or even shinny colors will stand out against the black backdrop of your open shelf cabinetry.

If you keep all of the area working together with neutral colors in combination with the black accents then your decorating possibilities will be endless.

One of my favorite designs for beige colored kitchens is to have black crown molding, countertops, open shelf cabinets scattered throughout and a stainless steel high-in sink with a high black faucet. All of the wall treatments are done with a faux finish that is slightly lighter than the cabinetry’s medium beige wood tones. The floors can be done in a tile color that is mostly grey with black and beige accents that match the cabinets and the wall colors.

If having different colored cabinets is not appealing to you or an option from your kitchen cabinet design company, just use things like black plates, bowls and vases to accent the kitchen cabinet design with.

Using black in the kitchen as an accent color creates a wealthy looking atmosphere in your home. If you like my ideas for colors, then you will find that by adding things like brightly colored potted plants and red and green flower arrangements to the kitchen can really set things off well. The beauty of flowers will jump out at your visitors because of beautiful backdrop of the beige and black accented kitchen cabinet design.

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