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How to Fix Sagging Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Bottoms

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This is a common occurrence with many older kitchens. How does a sagging drawer bottom get this way and what can I do to fix it? The main reason that the floor gets bowed is because the manufactures used one eight inch thick material when the drawer was fabricated. Generally, this is OK except when the drawer’s interior width exceeds about eighteen inches. This is when problems begin to occur.

Kitchen cabinet drawers in need of repair, usually are scrapping the frame of the cabinet underneath. In some cases where there is not a frame, the warped bottom will rub against the European cabinet doors below. You should get this fixed right away before further damage occurs.

Here’s how I fix drawers that are rubbing on the frame underneath because the bottom has a big dip in it. The fastest and easiest way to mend this problem is by dropping by a local cabinet manufacturing company and asking them if they can quickly cut and staple a half inch or five eights thick board to the bottom (inside) of the drawer. The sagging drawer bottom also needs to be stapled to the new piece of wood so that the bow is taken completely out. Obviously this is going to make the drawer shallower, but it is an inexpensive way to get it fixed quickly.

I only recommend doing it this way because a cabinet company can fix your warped drawer bottom in a matter of minutes. You could go through the hassle of going somewhere like Home Depot or a lumber yard and spend a lot of time purchasing the materials that you need to “do it yourself.” I’m offering my quick fix so that you will not have to run all over and waist your time trying to repair the sag yourself.

If you like doing these type projects, then perhaps you want to waist some time in order to save a few bucks.

Depending upon the color of the interior of your drawer you may need to settle for a different color. If your drawer was fabricated with a material that looks like real wood, you can get the cabinet company to cut a piece of plywood and then stain it yourself to match the original color of the drawer. Any local paint or hardware store should be able to help you match the color close enough. Staining and finishing the drawer could get to be an expensive and time consuming project.

Sometimes there are a few troublesome things that people discover as they are trying to repair the drawer. For instance, oftentimes the sagging drawer bottom will have groves that it was installed in. As the warp got worse through the years it eventually pulled the bottom out of the groves. If this is the case, it is going to be very important to fix this area before cutting and fitting the new bottom into place.

If it is recommended by the cabinet company where you take your drawer that you should build a new one, then this means there are broken parts that are really a waist of time trying to repair. Don’t just trust what they say though. If you think the method that I have explained above on How to fix a kitchen or bathroom vanity drawer that has a sagging bottom will work in your case, go to a different cabinet manufacture.

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