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Never Use Yellow Glue on Cabinet Plastic Laminate

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Do not ever use yellow carpenters wood glue when you need to fix loose cabinet plastic laminate. If you do this the repair will not work properly and only cause more difficulty. I’ve been repairing loose Formica for many years on kitchen, office and bathroom vanity cabinets and it is very troublesome to try and remove carpenters wood glue from the laminate.

Removing Carpenters Wood Glue From Formica

If you have already used this type of adhesive to try and repair a loose door edge, cabinet side, toe kick plate or counter you will need to scrape the yellow glue off. In most cases you will have to strip the loose laminate completely off or back far enough to be able to scrape the hardened adhesive off.

You must be extremely careful when scraping off the hard yellow glue. If you work in haste, you may very well break the Formica plastic laminate all together. Once the strip is removed, place it on a flat surface. Now, holding one end of the strip, use your putty knife to scrape off the glue. It may be necessary to use a chisel.

Usually laminate that has come loose from a cabinet part is older. Like all plastics, Formica gets more brittle with age. It is extremely important that you use common sense when you are removing the hardened yellow carpenters glue from the plastic.

  • Tip: Never scrape in a direction where the Formica may tend to buckle because this will cause the plastic laminate to break on you. Always apply pressure to the laminate when there is a something solid underneath of it.

Once all of the yellow carpenters wood glue has been removed from the plastic laminate use cabinet contact adhesive to adhere the Formica back onto the board. Follow these steps when gluing loose Formica countertop edges.  Remember the number one rule for working with plastic laminate is to never be in a great hurry. Always allow plenty of time to fix what ever it is that is nor working properly on your cupboards.

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